Proud To Be A Mentor

From the desk of Acapella Technologies President and Founder Matt Mercier:

One of the many privileges I enjoy in my business life is the ability to “pay it forward” to the CEOs of other companies. One such opportunity is provided to me by Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll), an incubator/accelerator in Lowell and Lawrence.

This is the second cohort I’ve been a participant in, and we work with entrepreneurs in teams of three consisting of two mentors and a coach. The focus of our team is an amazing company in Lowell called Made in Lowell, and its CEO is a wonderful woman named Gabby Davis.

Made in Lowell brings together business people, artisans, and members of the community to draw attention to some of the beautiful and underused spots in the city. Their events have developed quite a following, and are a high point in any week of the year.

When Gabby came to EforAll, she had been fairly unceremoniously thrust into the role of CEO for the company, having previously served as the COO. Gabby loved to talk about her events and how wonderful they all are! She talked about moving and renting tables, and coordinating food trucks and artisans; the list was endless.

As fellow business owners know, this is not necessarily the business of the CEO. Granted, in small not-for-profit organizations, there are many hats and fewer heads to put them on, but Gabby really needed to step into the role of leader of this fine organization.

Through the course of the 12-week business accelerator program, Gabby learned more about budgets and navigating the legal minefields of running a business. More importantly, she was asked to engage in discussions about the mission and vision of the organization. We spent a great deal of time talking about the “why” of Made in Lowell.

I’m extraordinarily proud to report that Gabby has fully embraced her new role, and is growing into a fine CEO. She’s making a presentation to a panel of judges put together by EforAll to assess her progress. Oh… and there may be a small cash prize, too.