Meet Our Technician – Alex Tretiakov

Alex Tretiakov has been with Acapella Technologies for just under a year. His favorite part of working with us is the challenge of taking on something new every day. Alex genuinely loves working with computers, his fantastic coworkers, and especially Acapella Technologies’ amazing clients. It’s the clients that truly make the job worthwhile. The one electronic device Alex could not live without is a computer with Internet access. Without that, the world may as well come to end as far as he is concerned.

Growing up in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), which is a very Navy-influenced city, Alex often saw Russian sailors marching on the street. Their giant ships, regular invites to Navy sponsored events, and a love of swimming made Alex want to be an Admiral when he was a kid. The fictional character he relates to best is Curious George, and if he could have any superpower of his choosing, Alex would want to be immortal. Having an eternity to learn new things without ever having to worry about wasting time would make him very happy.

Alex enjoys playing video games in his free time – on his trusty computer, of course – and if given the chance to travel anywhere in the world, he would visit Japan. If he had to listen to the same song forever, he would pick fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra. His favorite food is canned soup, because it’s easy to make, and the chance of ending up with food poisoning is very low.