Everyone Please Welcome Chris Majauckas To Our Team

We Are Pleased to Welcome Lead Technician Chris Majauckas to Our Team of IT Experts! 

Acapella Technologies is proud to announce the latest addition to our staff of IT professionals: Chris Majauckas. Chris joined us two months ago as our lead technician and has since then been learning about our clients with the help of our veteran staff members. On behalf of our entire team, we’d like to warmly welcome him. We here at Acapella Technologies are proud of our ability to recruit some of the most talented individuals in the Manchester area!

Manchester IT Support

We truly believe Chris will continue to be a fantastic addition to our team, as he brings a wide range of skill-sets, including:  

  • Natural Born Passion: Chris grew up with a strong interest in technology, and at the age of 12 built his very first computer. We appreciate this kind of innate interest in our work because it happens naturally, instead of being motivated by factors like wages or hours.

“I like to solve problems and fix things, so this industry just happens to be the industry I know really well,” says Chris. “There’s always something broken or some sort of puzzle to figure out. I would like that no matter what field it’s in.”

  • Expertise: Chris has three decades of experience in the IT field, dating back to his very own IT firm! Throughout that time, he has developed a strong expertise for infrastructure management and design.

In the two months since being hired, Chris has quickly become a reliable member of the team that enjoys the work we do, and how Acapella Technologies serves its clients.

“I’ve enjoyed working with Acapella Technologies quite a bit,” says Chris. “They’re a great bunch of people with very good business ideals that fit very well with my own. The way they put the client first is great.”

Interested in learning more about how our talented team of IT experts can help your business leverage innovative IT solutions? Give us a call at (603) 647-1784 or send us an email at info@acapella.com. Acapella Technologies is the leading IT support company for businesses in the Manchester area.