IT Support For Dental offices

Every dental office is a busy place. Yours may be busier than most. Rock solid IT management is the BIG SECRET of dental office’s that lead the industry in efficiency. Why? Better IT allows for additional time to be invested in seeing more patients.

Having to deal with temperamental hardware, and slow software only serves to bog your office down and limits the number of patients that you can see in a day. Acapella Technologies knows that if we can free up your time – and your mind – from the fix and repair cycle of your technology, you can be more profitable. Over the years, we have enabled medical-related offices just like yours to improve their efficiency and increase their bottom line.

Data security is the other BIG ISSUE that we see coming from dental office’s and other medical-related offices on a daily basis. Your customers – and the government – expect that you will keep their confidential information, well…confidential!

  • If you had a break in – or a disgruntled employee that acts up – what kind of confidential information could they compromise?
  • How well would your reputation – and your practice – survive a data breach that exposed customer’s records?

Acapella Technologies can take away these privacy worries, streamline your dental office’s workflow, and even move you to a paperless office! Your high-volume competition has already moved in this direction. We can enable your practice to compete – and profit while doing so!

With Acapella Technologies caring for your technology needs you can:

  • See more patients
  • Have more personal time
  • Quit dealing with updates, upgrades, patches, and licenses
  • Leave the worries of cyber-security to the Acapella Technologies experts
  • Give your patients secure WiFi – keep them happy while they wait
  • Enjoy new-found workplace efficiencies

The Acapella Technologies team has been privileged to serve health-related offices like your dental office throughout the region. We’d be happy to have a conversation about how we can benefit your practice.

Give Acapella Technologies a call today at (603) 647-1784 or send an email to