What would happen to your business in the event of data loss resulting from a natural disaster or human error?

sidebar_bdrWould you be able to recover your data? If you don’t have a data recovery solution in place, chances are, it’d be extremely difficult to continue day-to-day operations. But there’s no reason to worry! Acapella Technologies provides data recovery solutions to keep your business operating at it’s fullest potential, no matter what comes your way! To learn more, give us a call at (603) 647-1784 or send us an email at sales@acapella.com.

Your data is the foundation of your business, from financial records to customer information; you and your staff members depend on your data to continue day-to-day operations. And while your data is fundamental to your business, it’s constantly at risk for data loss resulting from:

  • Human errors including accidental deletion or spills on hardware.
  • Natural disasters including power outages, fires, and floods.
  • Cybercrime including malware, hacking, and viruses.

If you’re not ensuring your data is backed up and recoverable, you’re risking the survival of your business! Consider this: data loss and/or theft can easily result in loss of customer confidence, legal liability, and reputational damage. When it comes to the recoverability of your data, there’s no room to take risks.

82% of PC Users Will Suffer Data Loss Due to Events Beyond Their Control! Don’t Take Risks – Acapella Technologies Offers Data Recovery Solutions to Keep Your Business Operating No Matter What Comes Your Way!

While some business owners believe data loss won’t happen to them, it happens much more often than you’d think. In fact, 82% of PC users will suffer data loss due to events beyond their control! Fortunately, when you choose to work with our team of IT experts, you can rest assured knowing your data:

  • Will be safeguarded and stored securely.
  • Will be recoverable in a timely manner.
  • Will be tested for recoverability to prevent failed recovery attempts.

Looking for a reliable data recovery solution? Look no further than Acapella Technologies – We’re the trusted IT support company for many businesses in Nashua, Hollis, Manchester, Londonderry, Windham, Bow, Concord, Amherst, Goffstown, Pembroke, Candia, Bedford, and surrounding areas throughout Southern New Hampshire.