Top 12 Tech Gifts 2017: SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C

We like tech, it’s what we do. As the holiday shopping season kicks into overdrive, we are bringing you 12 of the most requested, most wanted tech gifts for 2017. Check back each business day between now and December 19th for another must-have tech item and why you should check it out. This USB drive […]

Optimize Your Social Media Content

Content sharing strategies to optimize your online presence There’s no doubt that social media is connecting us like never before. Something we like to stress to our clients is that social media is more than just a platform for socialization. The world of social media has opened up an entirely new realm of business possibilities […]

Top 12 Tech Gifts of 2017: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

We like tech, it’s what we do. As the holiday shopping season kicks into overdrive, we are bringing you 12 of the most requested, most wanted tech gifts for 2017. Check back each business day between now and December 19th for another must-have tech item and why you should check it out. The Samsung Galaxy […]

Top 12 Tech Gifts of 2017: Microsoft Surface Book 2

We like tech, it’s what we do. As the holiday shopping season kicks into overdrive, we are bringing you 12 of the most requested, most wanted tech gifts for 2017. Check back each business day between now and December 19th for another must-have tech item and why you should check it out. Microsoft’s thin laptop/tablet […]

Is Your Business Safe from the KRACK Vulnerability?

Exploring the ongoing impacts and remedies for the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability It’s been nearly two months since the KRACK Wi-Fi bug was broadcast to the world. The news hit headlines across the globe in October of this year when tech researchers discovered the wide-spread vulnerability that impacted IoT devices of all kinds. Two months down […]

Top 12 Tech Gifts 2017: Samsung Q7F 4K TV

We like tech, it’s what we do. As the holiday shopping season kicks into overdrive, we are bringing you 12 of the most requested, most wanted tech gifts for 2017. Check back each business day between now and December 19th for another must-have tech item and why you should check it out. You’ve purchased the […]

Top Tech Gifts 2017: Nintendo Switch

We like tech, it’s what we do. As the holiday shopping season kicks into overdrive, we are bringing you 12 of the most requested, most wanted tech gifts for 2017. Check back each business day between now and December 19th for another must-have tech item and why you should check it out. Nintendo knows how […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear About the Cloud Security

Learning to tell the difference between myth and reality when it comes to Cloud Computing Cloud computing continues to dominate the business environment. It seems like every other day we have a client asking about how the Cloud can help them optimize business. The Cloud is an amazing resource for businesses in any industry – […]

Top 12 Tech Gifts 2017: Google Home Mini

We like tech, it’s what we do. As the holiday shopping season kicks into overdrive, we are bringing you 12 of the most requested, most wanted tech gifts for 2017. Check back each business day between now and December 19th for another must-have tech item and why you should check it out. Google has been […]

Top 12 Tech Gifts 2017: Sony Alpha 6000

Digital photography is becoming easier to do with your smartphone, some phone cameras even rivaling some of the lower end cameras. But for those purists out there, it’s tough to beat the value you get with the Sony Alpha 6000. The camera is a mirrorless design with interchangeable lenses and takes photos at 24 megapixels, […]

Top 12 Tech Gifts of 2017: Microsoft Xbox One X

If you’re a gamer, especially a console gamer, you’ve no doubt heard of or are watching the Xbox One X. Microsoft has taken its flagship console, the Xbox One, and turned it up a few notches. Sporting 40% more power than any other console on the market and a 6 teraflop GPU (that’s crazy fast), […]

Top 12 Tech Gifts of 2017: The Apple iPhone X

We like tech, it’s what we do. As the holiday shopping season kicks into overdrive, we are bringing you 12 of the most requested, most wanted tech gifts for 2017. Check back each business day between now and December 19th for another must-have tech item and why you should check it out. There’s little denying […]

MacOS Security Bug Puts Device Security into Perspective

Apple has become an authority in providing us with useful software and the required fixes that inevitably come with the development of this software. This was proven true Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 after a bug in Macs High Sierra software was discovered. The bug was discovered by a Turkish software developer by the name of […]

How To Share Your Calendar With Microsoft Office 2016

Outlooks Shareable Calendar and How It Fits into Aspects of Everyday Life A shared calendar is one step in the direction of having all involved on the same page. It is little more frustrating than trying to work on a project or develop ideas when everyone is not equally informed. With Outlooks shared calendar these […]

Strategize Your Way To A Stellar 2018

With the right guidance and advice, strategic IT planning can set your business on a path to greater success in 2018 and beyond. 2017 isn’t quite behind us yet, but already many businesses are turning their attention to the year ahead. Planning out your objectives and goals for the coming months is a great way […]

OneDrive vs. SharePoint: What’s the Difference?

Understanding the Key Differences Between Microsoft’s OneDrive and SharePoint Applications Microsoft’s collection of software is continually evolving. As it continues to grow, many users are noticing quite a bit of overlap between application capabilities. For business owners, this can be a challenge – especially when trying to decide which apps are worth investing in. Two […]

UBER COMES CLEAN: 2016 Cyber Hack Impacted 57 Million Drivers and Users   

Uber made headlines this week when representatives came forward to disclose that the company had experienced a massive ransomware attack last year. Over a year ago, hackers stole the account information of 57 million drivers and riders and Uber kept the news under wraps ever since paying the $100,000 ransom. The ransom deal was struck […]

Black Friday Deals – Target

Black Friday deals seem like they begin earlier every year. Most of the bigger retailers don’t even wait until Friday to roll out the specials on big-ticket or most wanted items. We are here to offer you some insight into this year’s tech deals. Whether it’s about a new 4K TV or how to get […]

Black Friday Deals – Wal-Mart

Black Friday deals seem like they begin earlier every year. Most of the bigger retailers don’t even wait until Friday to roll out the specials on big-ticket or most wanted items. As your trusted IT company, we are here to offer you some insight into this year’s tech deals. Whether it’s about a new 4K […]

Black Friday Deals – Best Buy

Black Friday deals seem like they begin earlier every year. Most of the bigger retailers don’t even wait until Friday to roll out the specials on big-ticket or most wanted items. We are here to offer you some insight into this year’s tech deals. Whether it’s about a new 4K TV or how to get […]

IT Security’s Secret Weapon

Log Management & Analysis gives you the edge on hidden malware and open security gaps. Keeping security tight in an increasingly digital business environment presents unique challenges for business owners and network administrators. Managing hardware, software, mobile applications and Cloud sharing platforms can make it difficult to maintain an all-compassing security strategy. Businesses across all […]

Making the Switch: Strategies for Switching from Windows PC to Mac

It’s a question that most modern professionals have pondered at one point: which is better, PC or Mac? There’s no clear-cut answer. However, while Windows PC has long been the popular choice among business owners, there is a significant pattern emerging. More and more companies are choosing to make the switch from Microsoft to Apple. […]

Learn More About Microsoft Outlook 2016’s AutoArchive Feature

It’s a thorn in the side of every modern business. Emails seem to come in faster and faster every day. Even when spam and unnecessary communications are moved to the trash can, inboxes are still jam-packed with important attachments, electronic pay stubs, and critical communication histories. When employee inboxes get full, business communication can get […]

How To Manage Your Email  

Learn how to implement the five-folder email system and get rid of email overload.   It’s easy to become a slave to your email inbox. Unless you take control and implement a strategy, those emails can become just an unruly inbox, especially when you’re using email for business. If you’re in a position where a […]

The Cyber Threat of the Future: Anatomy of an Internet of Things (IoT) Attack

Internet of Things (IoT) has been dominating conversations in the tech industry for some time now. The interconnectedness of an IoT network offers streamlining capabilities that are attractive to individuals and businesses alike. Using technology to make life easier – at home or in the office – is a huge plus. However, considerations must be […]

Have you heard of Bad Rabbit?

Get to Know the Fast-Spreading Malware Threat Before It Gets to Know You Earlier this year, a ransomware variant called Petya spread across North America hitting corporate giants like Merck and FedEx. The virus is so serious that some affected companies were faced with the fact that their data was simply not recoverable. In fact, […]

Amazon Doesn’t Want You to Call About Your Password and Other Common Phishing Scams  

The latest Amazon phishing scam is just another illustration of why strong security is important.  Find out more about this scam and how you can protect your business.   Amazon doesn’t want you or your business to call a number, provide a code, and verify your identity, and if you receive an email claiming that […]

Mark My Word:  12 Great Tips for Mastering Microsoft Word

Find great Microsoft Word 2016 tips for better collaboration, text management and photo treatment to get the most out of the program.  Are you looking to leverage all of the best features in the latest release of the popular word processing program Microsoft Word?  Here is a closer look at a few tips and tricks […]

Major Microsoft Office Updates on the Horizon for Late 2018  

Office 2019 is set to become the latest in a long line of one-time license options from Microsoft. Even if you’re not ready to adopt Office 365, this new edition of Office has plenty to get excited about. While there is a great deal of discussion in the technology community around Microsoft Office 365 and […]

Happy Birthday Microsoft Word

Since the 90’s, Microsoft Word has become the standard that every student learns in order to create basic documents, fliers, invitations and more.   There is nothing more standard and boring on a computer than Microsoft Word, but whatever would we do without it?  If you’ve ever bought a new computer, you may know the […]

6 Lessons Small Business Leaders Should Learn From the Equifax Data Breach  

The Six Lessons Your Small Business Should Learn After the Equifax Data Breach The most stunning business news in the last month has to come from articles about the Equifax data breach. The company estimated that this cybercrime impacted at least 143 million individuals. This news may also seem worse than other high-profile security problems […]

Rash Of Phishing Scams Targeting Online Accounting Users Has Cybersecurity Experts’ Attention

A series of online accounting-specific scams popped up in recent months, prompting cybersecurity experts to take notice. Late August saw a series of very similar phishing scams make a brief appearance in the inboxes of online accounting software consumers. By spoofing well-known online accounting software companies, these phishing scams have targeted a large number of […]

Do You Use WordPress? Watch the “Backdoor!”  

WordPress may be one of the world’s most popular content management platforms, but its plugins open up a Backdoor Vulnerability. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Customer Management Software) platforms of all time, and for good reason. The overall ease of use and administration appeals to individuals, bloggers and small businesses.  Plus, it’s […]

LinkedIn InMail Hit with Malicious Phishing Attacks  

LinkedIn has a few new problems with the recent hack of their paid InMail service. Users beware: links within the popular networking site may be malicious. Learn more and protect yourself from this recent threat.   LinkedIn is known as one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, but right now it’s […]

Are You an Email Expert?

Do people respond to your emails? YES – You probably do 5 key things. NO – You could do 5 key things. Subject Line: Add “Response Needed” at the end of the subject line. Greeting: Make it positive and personalized to set the email tone and indicate this isn’t a mass email. Call to Action: Tell the […]

National Disaster Preparedness Month Is Here…Are You Prepared?

It’s National Disaster Preparedness Month: Is Your Small Business Prepared for the Worst? September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, and it’s never been timelier. Whether you face the risk of hurricanes, fires, floods or theft, it’s important for even the smallest business to consider that the worst may happen. But, let’s focus on the “preparedness” […]

The Small-Business Guide for Data Backup

What’s the best way to back up your data?  You have a number of choices.    As a business owner or manager, you must carefully examine how to back up data to ensure it’s secure in the event of a disaster or hacking event.  The solutions you used even a few years ago, may be […]

Want Your Business to Succeed?

Promote Collaboration. Collaboration is and will always be one of the cornerstones of a business’ success. Despite this, many workers believe their organization doesn’t promote collaboration. Do you? As a small business owner, one of the most powerful tools you have is your workforce. This has less to do with individuals and more to do […]

Is Windows10 Risking Your Privacy?  

There are some changes coming you should know about. Though Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system was received better than its predecessors (especially Windows 8), it’s still generated a fair amount of criticism—the worst? —that it lacks privacy. Issues began even before people started using the new operating system, including with those who felt that they […]

How to Get the Most from Apple’s iCloud Storage.  

Cloud-based storage options are in high demand in today’s media-heavy world. Are you taking full advantage of all that Apple’s iCloud has to offer?   Cloud storage is one of the most exciting new developments in technology. It provides you with the ability to access files and information when, where and how you’d like. However, […]

Thinking about adding remote workers to your team?

4 Problems with Remote Working and 4 Ways to Overcome Them I love the idea of working remotely. It’s a convenient solution for a variety of personal issues, ranging from lack of transportation to reduced physical mobility. And hiring remote workers is good for business.  Studies show that remote workers are more productive, and it […]

The Data Theft You Never Hear About  

Cybercriminals are constantly searching for vulnerabilities that allow them to steal data from your organization. And, the true scale of this will shock you. Cybersecurity is a hot topic in technology circles, and for a very good reason. As it turns out, 2016 was a banner year for cybercriminals, with over 4 billion records stolen […]

Write “Killer Content” for Your Website—7 Tips

“Content is king.” This is an old expression dating back to 1996 (ancient history where the Internet is concerned).  This point was repeated in an article by Bill Gates. Gates tells us where he believes the Internet is heading, and stressed the importance of using quality content in posts. He predicted that content creation would […]

Situations Where You Should Use a Wired Connection Instead of Wireless.

A wireless connection is desirable for many businesses as employees depend more on mobile devices to work on the go. However, plugging in the old Ethernet cable manually still has its advantages, especially when your business handles confidential data. When you set up your data system, new machines, or upgrade your technology, it’s necessary to know when […]

Run Better Email Campaigns With Microsoft Connections

Not happy with your online marketing results? Maybe Microsoft Connections can put your small business on the fast track to online marketing success. I am sure you have heard it said before, but you may have doubted the truth behind the statement. So let me tell you one more time, and this time you better […]

Outlook Gets a Redesign on iOS and Android

Outlook has been redesigned to take advantage of the capabilities of mobile platforms, with new features introduced for iOS and Android smartphones and devices.   Depending on audience and demographic, 20% to 75% of emails will be opened by mobile users. It’s understandable that Microsoft is now focusing on iOS and Android platforms for Outlook upgrades […]

Lack of Broadband Access in Rural America

Living in rural American often means lack of Internet access. Is it possible to get broadband in the country? What’s happening to fix the rural-urban digital divide?   Currently, 34 million Americans don’t have access to broadband. If you’re used to lightning-fast speeds and quick downloads, it may be impossible to even imagine living without […]

Are your Employees Putting your Business at Risk?

What’s your ransomware and phishing risk? If you have employees, you won’t know, unless you test your team to see exactly how they react when faced with a suspicious emai or voicemail.   Ransomware and malware make headlines every day, with massive data losses and high costs. Everyone from the FBI to the IRS issue […]

The Microsoft Planner App Released for Android and iPhone

Microsoft recently unveiled a mobile version of their Planner app. Here is a breakdown of what is contained in the app and what could be expected in future.   Microsoft recently announced their Microsoft Planner app would be available for the Android and the iPhone. People who already have the web Planner app can use […]

Banks and FinTech: Complicated Relationship or Dream Partnership?  

Banks and smaller financial technology firms have a slightly adversarial relationship, but are there ways that they can work together to form a dream team? Financial institutions have a long history of moving slowly when it comes to change, which may be why they are uncomfortable in the face of FinTech firms. The always-on, constant […]

BREAKING NEWS – New Worldwide Ransomware Outbreak Reported

Reports have begun to pour in regarding a new ransomware infection currently wreaking havoc in Russia, Ukraine, France, Spain, and several other countries. This highly sophisticated Russian strain is known as Petya or Petrwrap, and it has been advancing on a scale comparable to the recent WannaCry ransomware infection. However, unlike WannaCry, this strain lacks […]

Everything You Should Know about Microsoft Surface

The Surface Laptop is the latest gadget from Microsoft. It ls already making waves in the market. Here are a few details about it.   In recent years, getting a slick laptop that was both compact and capable means you have to get an Apple product. However, you may now have an alternative thanks to […]

The Top 10 Advantages to Working with an External IT Service Company

An external IT services company may be exactly what small and growing businesses need: Here’s why. Partnering with an external IT services companies brings plenty of benefits, especially for small and mid-sized companies that are grappling with the data challenges of an evolving world: The problem is that many businesses don’t realize that. They are […]

Google’s Chrome Set to Introduce Ad Blocker in 2018

In an effort to reduce the intrusive and annoying nature of such ads, Google has announced that their new browser version will feature an automatic ad blocker. Consider the vast amounts of information, communication, and entertainment, which is funneled through the Internet daily. How often are you part of this stream and how often is […]

Don’t Be A Victim Of Fake Malware Protection Apps On The Google Play Store

Don’t be fooled by the fake apps popping up on the Google Play store that falsely claim to protect you from ransomware. Recently, many Android device users were confronted with a barrage of fake apps in the Google Play store that claimed to protect against the WannaCry ransomware that has affected tens of thousands of […]

Happy World Environment Day Everyone

Undeniable Link Between Strategic Tech Implementation and Sustainable Business Practices Now more than ever, business professionals in every industry are looking for the most sustainable and cost-efficient ways to reduce their environmental impact and drive sustainability. In an increasingly fast-paced and digital-based business environment, technology is playing a larger role in the effort to develop […]

Memorial Day – Reflecting On Sacrifice

Memorial Day has been observed on the final Monday in May each year since 1971, but this occasion traces its roots back much farther in our country’s history. Originally known as Decoration Day, this day was first established during the Civil War in 1862 and was marked by loved ones decorating the graves of those […]

The Best Windows Apps for Your Business (That Can Also Save Space)  

Want more productivity on Windows? Check out these highly integrated apps. Windows 10 works best when you have the right apps that take advantage of its integration with Microsoft services as well as other software. This is particularly the case of apps that take critical business services that you depend on and replace them with […]

WannaCry Ransomware: How it Started and Where it Stands Now

WannaCry may be beaten, but here’s why the ransomware can still be dangerous. WannaCry is an infamous example of how dangerous ransomware can be in the modern world. Almost overnight, this cyber attack hit computers around the world and managed to infect 300,000 computers in more than 150 countries before going back to the benches […]

9 Tips To Stop Wanna Cry Ransomware

What to do when you WannaCry – 9 Steps to Fight Ransomware Now The WannaCry ransomware has swept the globe – affecting more than 200,000 computers in at least 150 countries. Nothing is certain, but it looks like it is the work of a rogue state trying to cause global instability and gather cash to […]

It’s Not Even Close to Over… Wanna Cry?

In case you have been living in a cave the past three days… Wanna Cry is a ransomware that spreads like wildfire by leveraging a Windows SMB exploit to remotely access and infect computers running on unpatched or unsupported versions of Windows. It infects the targeted computer then moves on to others on the network […]

Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based work hub destined to change the way you communicate with team members. Follow these tips and tricks to make the most of your Office 365 experience. The goal of Office 365 developers is not only to make better productivity applications, but they also want to allow for a more collaborative […]

You Need To Know About This Great Application

Microsoft Teams is the chat tool your business needs. Microsoft “Teams” is one of the many ways that Microsoft is improving the Office 365 experience with. This communication tool could revolutionize the ways that your employees talk with each other – but we understand that adopting yet another tool may not sound especially attractive in […]

Top 10 Tips for Improving Office Communication Skills

Becoming a master communicator in the workplace will improve overall performance and efficiency of your team members. Excellent communication skills take time to develop but can be a learned skill. Workplace communication skills are highly valued but are often found to be lacking. According to a 2016 survey from the IT firm Comparably, 52 percent […]

From Telegraphs to USENET and How to Protect Yourself from Spam

When someone thinks of spam they typically think of unsolicited bulk commercial email they receive in their inbox. However, the concept of spam started a little earlier than you might think. How far back? How does 1864 sound? Spam in 1864 you say? Yes, in the form of a telegraph, advertising a local dentistry actually. […]

Wisdom Wednesday: Taking and Printing Screenshots on Windows 10

Need a fast Windows screenshot? We’ll show you how to do it! Do you need to take a quick Windows screenshot for work or fun, but can’t figure out how to do it? Don’t worry: Our guide will show you just how it’s done. Copy the Screen for Posts Traditionally, the “Print Screen” option is […]

The Real Benefit of Cryptocurrencies: Revolutionizing How Financial Transactions Can Work

Cryptocurrencies and blockchains are changing the way we protect our data. Here’s why that’s exciting! If you’ve read about Bitcoin or other digital currencies out there, then you know what a cryptocurrency is. Cryptocurrencies only work because the details of the currency are heavily protected – and that’s great news for the rest of use […]

The 7 Metrics Your Marketing Team Needs to Measure for Success

Is your marketing team measuring these important metrics? Here’s why this data is so valuable. Marketing departments, take note! Your business needs to look at these key data metrics when making marketing content decisions: Here’s why they’re so important – and why they may not be what you think. 1. Conversion Rates (Particularly for Online […]

6 Things To Understand About a New Massachusetts State Service Tax

A new service tax is possible in MA – what does this mean for service businesses and customers? Any new statewide tax is sure to have an impact business: That’s why, when Massachusetts again considers a new service tax, it’s bound to raise some curiosity and concerns. As the service tax conversation enters the political […]

I Want Highly Informative Excel Spreadsheets

If you are giving a presentation and part of it involves a shared display or handouts of a spreadsheet what can you do to keep the group awake? Let’s face it, Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool for organizing and manipulating statistical data, but when sharing your spreadsheet with others, your spreadsheet has to be […]

Wisdom Wednesday: Master Snapchat In Your Business

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are no longer enough. Get an edge over your competition by mastering Snapchat now! Since all but taking over online communication, social media has become a viable business tool as well. Social media is easy and affordable to use, and it allows access to […]

Does Your Information Technology Investments Help Your Marketing Departments?

By choosing the right analytics, conversion optimization, and search engine marketing technologies, marketing departments can more effectively reach new customers. Every marketing department strives to achieve three primary goals. Engage with existing customers. Improve brand awareness, while simultaneously increasing conversion rates on campaigns. Reach new customers. Fortunately for marketing departments everywhere, certain technologies can help […]

March 31 Is World Backup Day

To remain in business, stay competitive, and keep yourself and your company safe from a data loss disaster, there is a relatively standardized checklist that should be followed if you expect to survive the oft-treacherous contemporary conditions of business computing and Web connectivity. Here are 10 things you should have on your data network disaster […]

Wisdom Wednesday: The Hidden Costs Of Malware

Ransomware is malware that either freezes your computer or locks it so you cannot access data and programs that your company normally uses. The criminal that is holding your system hostage, demands a ransom that is usually paid in Bitcoin. Imagine opening your business one morning, turning your computer on and reading a message that […]

No Password Required: How Hackers Continue Getting Important Information

Hackers can gain sensitive data through a flaw in the Windows operating system, gaining access to accounts even without a password. Hackers provide great insight into how Windows user sessions can be taken over and the information within the session easily accessed. While passwords can be reset for users by administrators, but it’s also possible […]

Complex Passwords Strengthen Company Networks

The passwords you choose and how you protect them will have an enormous impact on the security of your business and network; here’s how to protect your business. The risk of a breach or data theft is a major concern for most companies – and individuals, too. Why make it easy for the hackers by […]

Flashback Friday: Still Using 1995 Internet Technologies

The internet has changed over the years, but people remain the same. See what’s different, what’s similar and how the past can define the future. There’s a famous clip from The Today Show in 1994 where the hosts try to figure out what the internet is. Millennials watch it and giggle as the stars puzzle […]

Wisdom Wednesday: 4 Features to Send Your Business Website to the Top of Google’s Rankings

Because Google always changes the algorithm that it uses to determine search engine rankings, your business’ website needs to stay on top of the current key features that can help move it to the top of Google’s search results. Many companies approach search engine optimization as a one-time challenge; once you have set up your […]

Put A Little SWAY Into Your Business

When you need to create dynamic content for your business, Sway is a great app from Office 365 that allows you to build professional presentations in minutes. When you run a small business, the need to present your business in a professional manner is still important. When you need an Office 365 technology that allows […]

20 Years of Viruses, Bugs and Computer Scams

There are viruses that can be implanted on a computer in 2017, and lie in wait until a network becomes vulnerable before attacking. Unfortunately, viruses have come a long way from 20 years ago. The term virus was coined early on in computer history, but it’s every bit as relevant today as it was then. […]

Wisdom Wednesday: How to Avoid Computer System Infection

Criminals want your company’s financial data, customer lists including credit card information, intellectual property, and anything else they can sell. Cyber crime is a huge endeavor with severe consequences for organizations that are victimized. Criminals want your company’s financial data, customer lists including credit card information, intellectual property, and anything else they can sell. Besides […]

Proud To Be A Mentor

From the desk of Acapella Technologies President and Founder Matt Mercier: One of the many privileges I enjoy in my business life is the ability to “pay it forward” to the CEOs of other companies. One such opportunity is provided to me by Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll), an incubator/accelerator in Lowell and Lawrence. This is […]

How Proactive Networking Enhances Your Security

A look at how proactive networking enhances your business security When it comes to improving the security of your business, a proactive network is definitely the answer. As many believe that preventive maintenance and ensuring system uptime should remain the focus of your efforts, the most important part of guaranteeing uptime making sure that the […]

The Worst Password Mistakes that Compromise Security

Broadcasting your password on national television may be the easiest way to invite hackers, but common password mistakes make it almost as easy for your data security to be compromised. Password safety may not be one of the most interesting topics in the realm of cybersecurity, but having a strong password is one of the […]

How to Keep Your Website Safe

A web site is a major asset for your business. So, it makes sound business sense for it to be protected from hackers who don’t have your business’ best interests in mind. Startup companies and small and medium-sized businesses depend on their websites to promote their brand, bring potential customers/clients into the sales funnel, keep […]

Wisdom Wednesday: The Importance of Training Your Employees to Spot Spoofed Emails

The number of security issues and malware risks that your company must contend with continues to grow every year, but one of the most potentially devastating threats that your business faces is surprisingly low-tech in nature. Spoofed emails don’t rely on complex ransomware or sophisticated keystroke loggers. Instead, your company’s bank account and sensitive information […]

Hotel’s Ransomware Attack Demonstrates the Diversity of This Malware Threat

Businesses of all sizes and types are facing an increased threat of costly ransomware attacks, as illustrated by a recent series of attacks on an Austrian luxury hotel. In the past few years, ransomware has risen to prominence as one of the biggest malware threats facing consumers. The cybercriminals behind these ransomware attacks, however, have […]

Meet Our Technician – Alex Tretiakov

Alex Tretiakov has been with Acapella Technologies for just under a year. His favorite part of working with us is the challenge of taking on something new every day. Alex genuinely loves working with computers, his fantastic coworkers, and especially Acapella Technologies’ amazing clients. It’s the clients that truly make the job worthwhile. The one electronic device Alex could […]

Top Tips for Selecting a Data Center

When a business’ computer needs outgrow the space at your location, your business has two choices: Choice 1- build a new data center; Choice 2 – lease space at a data center. When a business’ computer needs outgrow the space at its onsite location, your business has two choices: Option 1– build a new data […]

How to Assess Your Power Distribution Needs in a Data Center

The lifeblood of a data center is the power it has and the power available for expansion – without electric power, a data center is useless. The data center that is just opening looks beautiful. It is immaculate, equipment gleams, and racks of equipment fill the data center floors. Servers that move faster than lightning […]

Can Your Business Benefit from the New HP Elite x3?

HP’s new Elite x3 purports to offer all the computing power of a laptop in a smartphone case, but can it work for your business? Finding a computing solution that allows your employees to carry out all their work functions on the go is an issue for many small business owners. For employees who need […]

Wisdom Wednesday: Sifting Through Spam: Understanding The Dangers Of Junk Mail

Every day, businesses and individuals send over 205 billion emails all over the world. Though many of these messages contain valuable information, a large portion of them are spam. Receiving or sending spam exposes your business to a variety of risks, including: Ruined Reputations Many firms are unaware that their email accounts have been compromised, […]

Technology Spotlight – Smart Office Wi-Fi Practices

Wireless technology is as common as computers themselves in any business’ IT infrastructure these days. We rely on Wi-Fi not just for convenience, but remote connectivity and productivity. And for as much of an asset as wireless technology is, it’s also notoriously insecure in its default state. A state many small businesses tend to leave […]

The Importance of Being Prepared for Tax Season

Preparing your small business for tax season by updating your financial software and accounting procedures is critical for meeting all of tax season’s deadlines. All business owners and accounting employees know that the first months of the year are packed with important tax deadlines: January 31 for W2s, March 15 for corporate taxes and April 15 […]

Embracing How Technology Affects the Culture of Work

Legal workplace cultures must change to embrace technology for efficiency, increased competitiveness, attract and retaining clients, and recruit and retain excellent people. Leaders of legal firms should change their workplace culture to embrace technology. Enlightened law firm managing partners and the law firm executives understand that fostering a work culture embracing technology increases productivity and […]

What’s On The Horizon: Possible Cybercrime Attacks for 2017

A look at the possible cybercrime attacks for 2017 As technology becomes more important in our daily life, it only opens up more doors for cybercrime attacks to happen. With a myriad of cyber attacks becoming common every day, it’s important to identify what is looking to become a threat in 2017. Thankfully, we’re going […]

Weekly Tech Tip: Require employees to use strong passwords (length counts more than complexity)

Consider implementing multifactor authentication that requires additional information beyond a password to gain entry. Check with your vendors that handle sensitive data, especially financial institutions, to see if they offer multifactor authentication for your account.

Weekly Tech Tip: Create a mobile device action plan

Mobile devices can create significant security and management challenges, especially if they hold confidential information or can access the corporate network. Require users to password protect their devices, encrypt their data, and install security apps to prevent criminals from stealing information while the phone is on public networks. Be sure to set reporting procedures for […]

The Founders Academy Public Charter School

Founded in 2014, The Founders Academy is a free public charter school for grades 6-12 located at 5 Perimeter Road in Manchester. In the fall of 2017, the school will offer grades 6-11. The school’s mission focuses on the virtues of the Founding Fathers; leadership, character building, and liberty. The school provides a challenging and […]

International Fun at Work Day: Ways to Bring the Fun to Work

On January 27th, everyone is encouraged to bring more fun into the office because of Fun at Work Day. However, when used correctly, IT can keep the fun coming all year long. Read more on how you can do that here. Every now and then, you need to relax a bit at work. The perfect […]

Weekly Tech Tip: Control physical access to computers and network components

Prevent access or use of business computers by unauthorized individuals. Laptops can be particularly easy targets for theft or can be lost, so lock them up when unattended. Make sure a separate user account is created for each employee and require strong passwords. Administrative privileges should only be given to trusted IT staff and key […]

Employee Spotlight – Welcome Back Kurt!

After a brief sabbatical from January to August of 2016, Acapella was thrilled to welcome Kurt back to the team. Before his sabbatical, Kurt had been with Acapella for more than 6 years. His favorite part of working at Acapella is making people feel comfortable with their technology. Helping clients to accept that they don’t need […]

The Secret to Real Change in 2017

Getting Organized By Outsmarting Your Brain Right about now, many people are busy resolving to make this the best year ever. Some, however, think that New Year’s Resolutions are a lot of hot air. Most of the time, they are right. Human beings often live on the island of Good Intention. We mean to lose […]

Benefits of Patch Management As Part Of Managed IT Services

Cyber attacks and data breaches damage productivity, revenue, and reputation. Consider patch management and managed IT services to avoid security issues. For an increasing number of companies, IT processes compose the infrastructure of their business. This IT framework allows for streamlining day to day operations, maximizing productivity, cutting costs, and ultimately increasing profits. As this […]

Wisdom Wednesday: Out Of Office In Microsoft Outlook

How Do I Set My Out Of Office In Microsoft Outlook To Only Send From One Date To Another? In Outlook, click on File, Info then select Automatic Replies (Out of Office). Click on Send Automatic Replies and check the Only send during this time range check box. Specify a start and end time for […]

Weekly Tech Tip: Make backup copies of important business data and information

Regularly backup the data on all computers. Critical data includes word processing documents, electronic spreadsheets, databases, financial files, human resources files, and accounts receivable/payable files. Backup data automatically if possible, or at least weekly, and store the copies either offsite or on the cloud.

Having Trouble Keeping Up With Your New Years Resolution?

January 17th is ditched your New Year’s resolution day, but if your resolution is centered around your business, you need to try to maintain it. We all set out with such great intentions at the beginning of the year. After all, it is a new year and a time to essentially hit the reset button. […]

Technology Spotlight – The Ransomware Threat

As with any infection or intrusion, ransomware gains access to your systems by disguising itself as something innocuous, like an email attachment or embedded link. One of the biggest reasons ransomware remains at the top of the cyber threat watch list is that it has a very high success rate for hackers. Most ransomware infections […]

Wisdom Wednesday: Twelve Shortcuts Saving Maximum Time Using Microsoft Outlook

The latest version of Microsoft Outlook is designed to be a personal information manager, not just email. Learn the shortcut tricks and a user can become a power communicator very quickly.   While many wish there might be another choice, it is unlikely that Microsoft Outlook as a user interface is going to go away […]

How to Pitch Winning Presentations with PowerPoint

Are you making the most of Microsoft PowerPoint for your business pitches? Consider these 7 key areas to help take your pitches to the next level. The art of the pitch is crucial to entrepreneurs, business owners, and salespeople. Pitch effectiveness can mean the difference between a winning product or service – or one that […]

The Email Cloud Server is No Longer a Big Fall to the Ground

Today’s cloud email resources are far more robust, secure and professional than before. Companies worried about security should give the cloud a second look for email support. A number of industry reports have noted that company migrations to cloud email platforms have picked up steam at an exponential level. Now that the IT networking format […]

7 Key Questions to Ask Your Next Managed IT Services Provider

Finding the ideal Managed IT Services Provider starts with being fully informed about who you’ll be working with. Asking these 7 key questions can help. Is it time for your company to hire a new Managed IT Services Provider? This is an important decision that could make all the difference in the efficiency and security […]

Skype Delivers Reliable Business Meeting Solutions

Skype offers a multitude of reliable business meeting solutions for the established and growing company. On average 11 million meetings are held in U.S. workplaces throughout the year. In fact, the typical employee will attend approximately 60 meetings per month. As business meetings seem to become a part of our daily work lives, many business […]

Happy New Year Everyone!

Wow, 2016 is done already!  Where did the time go?  We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone as safe and happy new year this weekend.  See you all in 2017.

Tips for Safe Downloading at Work

Hackers are looking for any way to gain access to devices and if you download files and data a lot as part of your work, you should know what to look out for. For many individuals, downloading things from the Internet as well as sharing files is part of their every day tasks. If this […]

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and our sincere thanks for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year.

Weekly Tech Tip: Educate employees about cyberthreats and hold them accountable

Educate your employees about online threats and how to protect your business’s data, including safe use of social networking sites.  Depending on the nature of your business, employees might be introducing competitors to sensitive details about your firm’s internal business. Employees should be informed about how to post online in a way that does not […]

“Want to win…”

Optimizing your technology for success in business won’t happen by accident. Achieving an efficient and effective IT environment requires time, expertise, structure and a proven strategy tailored to your needs, all of which you can get from our IT Experts.

Challenges in Starting and Building a Business

A great many books have been written about this subject matter by people much more adept than me. With that said, I offer in a single blog post a few of the things that are most present in my thoughts today based upon what I’ve been reading, and on some mentoring work I’ve been doing […]

Customer Spotlight – Manchester Historic Association

Acapella Technologies is proud to serve all of our customers, and we are especially proud of the non-profit organizations that work so hard to make our communities better. The Manchester Historic Association is just such an organization. Simply stated, the mission of the Manchester Historic Association is to collect, preserve, and share Manchester’s history. And […]

Christmas Tree Safety: Fire Prevention Tactics

Christmas is a holiday that allows one to truly express how they feel about the season, but many tend to overlook safety when it comes to decorating their home. Christmas trees are an excellent example, as many forget the responsibility that comes along with having a tree covered with lights and decorations. Being responsible for […]

We’re Opening The Hood On The New Windows 10

Windows 10 is a great operating system and Microsoft is not done making it better just yet. This year, we have all of the details on the updates to the system that you have been waiting for. If you have kept up with all of the updates with Windows, then you probably already love Windows […]

The Difference Between a Smart Firewall and a Regular Firewall is an Important One

When it comes to having reliable network security in place, installing a firewall is one of the basic steps you can take to protect your business from hackers and malware intrusions. A firewall is simply a hardware device or software program that acts as a barrier between your systems and network, and the Internet. By […]

Rating Cloud vs. On-Premise Data Backup

There’s a lot of debate going on right now about which type of data backup works better – cloud or on-premise – but there is no questioning data backup’s critical importance to any IT network. Backup and disaster recovery is crucial in the event that your organization experiences a data loss disaster. Yet, there’s some […]

New Ransomware Warning: Popcorn Time

New Popcorn Time Ransomware Demands Cash Unless Infected User Agrees to Spread the Virus to Friends We’re Urging Local Individuals and Businesses to be Informed about Latest and Most Sophisticated Cyber Scam The need for cyber security has been on the radar and in the playbooks of serious companies and their executives for some years. […]

Why a Small Business Needs a Reliable Managed Services Solution

There are many reasons why small businesses need a reliable managed services solution. From assuring compliance and cybersecurity to increasing overall IT network performance with regularity and continuous support, a managed services provider (MSP) makes all the difference to computer-networked organizations. Below, we’ve named some of the main reasons you will want to have a […]

How Ransomware Attacks are Getting More Personal

Using the standard tactics to protect yourself from cyber attackers may not be enough anymore. Learn about how they are personalizing attacks in our latest post. It is no secret that ransomware attacks are on the rise but you may not know that the actual attacks are getting more personal than they ever have before. […]

Employee Spotlight – Rachel

Rachel has been part of the Acapella team for almost a year. Her favorite part of working for Acapella is the culture of personal and professional growth the company has become known for, and the balance that a virtual company provides. As a child, Rachel dreamed of being a writer. The fictional character she relates […]

Why it is Time to Stop Blaming Employees for Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are becoming harder to detect and that is just one reason why it is time to stop blaming employees for them. For several years now, employees have been blamed for falling victim to various phishing attacks. Time has come, however, to stop placing the blame on them and start considering better forms of […]

There Is Still Time To Make The Most Of Section 179!

In late 2015, Congress passed and signed the PATH Act, which had the added bonus of increasing the Section 179 deduction cap to $500,000 for 2016. And as this deduction – which allows you to write off the full cost of technology purchases – is only available to businesses whose total technology purchases for the […]

How To Turn Off Pop-up Ads in Microsoft Office 365

Pop-up ads annoy pretty much everyone and Microsoft has started spamming their current users with ads that are irrelevant or are impossible to remove. Fortunately, there is a way to fix it. All you have to do to remove the pop-up ads is follow the steps in this guide. Something that most people find annoying, […]

How to Develop Your Long Term Cloud Strategy

Using the cloud for your business has a great benefit but if you do not have a long term strategy, you should consider creating one. Having a long term strategy will help you grow over time and set yourself up for success using the cloud in the future. With cloud usage increasing in both personal […]

Taking Advantage of Section 179 Benefits for Businesses

Getting a tax break for purchasing equipment is a reality. You can learn more about Section 179 and how it can benefit your business here. There are many different kinds of tax codes that can help benefit your business in a big way. Taking advantage of these tax codes allows you to get more money […]

Ransoc: Ransomware that Blackmails

Ransoc is ransomware that searches the victim’s drive for social media profiles and files that may be illegal or embarrassing. It locks up the computer and threatens the user with fines and prison, demanding a credit card payment. A new form of ransomware hits its victims with a new and nasty twist. Unlike the best-known […]

How to Write and Establish a Proper Business Continuity Plan

Though we never know when disaster will strike, we can adequately plan for one. Even with some amount of lead time, however, many things can go wrong. Each incident is unique and unfolds in unexpected ways. This is where having a truly effective business continuity plan in place matters. To make sure your organization has […]

How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Business’ Desktop Computers?

Updating or upgrading your business’ technology can be an expensive endeavor. Making the most of your IT budget requires planning out your purchases carefully, and making sure that your hardware is at the end of its lifecycle before you invest in a replacement. The tricky part of this can be determining what the typical lifecycle […]

A Guide to Customer Communication Management Compliance Integration and Innovation

Compliance is a component of business that no one wants to contend with, but it requires examination anyway. It’s perhaps why it’s getting such a nasty reputation: so many businesses and organizations fail to give it the proper attention, which it then gets short shrift, and then ends up becoming a costly issue in a […]

What is Customer Communication Management?

As a key component under the aegis of the Customer Experience, Customer Communications Management, or CCM, is a way for enterprises to create, manage, and deliver customer communications across multiple computer-networked channels, which ensures a consistent, personalized customer experience. As is easily guessed, it lies in the same spectrum with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which […]

Guest Blog: Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire

Alice Tuson needed to find a new school for her son. “Even in Kindergarten, Thomas was beyond accelerated, and as he got older, the teachers found it difficult to accommodate his educational needs. Although the teachers at his local school tried, the curriculum emphasizing standardized testing didn’t allow for rigorous academic or individualized learning. His […]

Client Spotlight – World Academy

World Academy is a private, independent, NAEYC and NEASC accredited Middle School, Elementary School, Early Childhood Program and Summer Camp that serves approximately 500 families with comprehensive, in-depth, and culturally diverse curricula and experiences. Located in South Nashua, it encompasses a 55,000 square foot facility on a six acre campus with two in-ground pools, four […]

As Email Security Solutions Go, Spam is a Different Kettle of Fish

It has a history of frustrating both email security solutions experts and end-users alike with its wily-ness and adaptability to changing anti-spam measures through the years. But, where does spam proliferation stand in today’s security assessment? It’s still as problematic as ever, with up to half the world’s email being reported as spam, but with […]

Get Enhanced Security with Windows Server 2016

With security standing as the number one problem in computer networking, Windows Server 2016 steps to the plate with an OS platform that promises much deeper safeguarding of data and communication, and defenses against malicious cyber attacks and breaches. The new Windows Server enhances the security of virtual machines, applications, and data with better protection […]

Why Don’t Enough Businesses Take Computer Security Seriously?

It’s hard to say exactly why so many businesses fail to take computer security seriously. There are many factors in play, such as the false feeling of security many Mac users have felt over the years, thinking they were more secure than PC and Windows users by default. But, the most common reason for the […]

How At-Risk is Your Corporate Computer Network Via Unprotected Devices?

When was the last time you performed a risk assessment of your computer network? Or evaluated the security of your personal, networked devices? An analysis of more than 212,000 Cisco networking devices at 350 organizations across North America found that 73 percent of businesses have end-of-life devices (those no longer being sold or supported) operating […]

On the Apple Update Regarding the Security Content of iOS 10.1

Apple released a statement regarding the security content of iOS 10.1 on October 24 which breaks down the various security-flaw patches relating to Apple iOS 10 facets and apps the platform contains or works with.  The statement centers on Apple security updates and references the iPhone, iPad, or iPod versions the patches are available for, […]

Don’t Upgrade Your Device to iOS 10 if Your VPN connection Preference is PPTP

Don’t upgrade your mobile device to Apple iOS 10 just yet if you prefer PPTP connections for VPN. Apple iOS 10 does not support PPTP VPN connections nor will the pass-through work whilst tethering off a phone. This is the VPN method many use to access their systems externally, especially for Windows users, so for […]

Guest Blog: Why Leaders Need Leadership Training

You are a leader. You may hold a titled leadership position, such as Supervisor, Manager, HR Director, or CEO. But regardless of your title, a leader has an entrepreneurial spirit and is a visionary. They are laser focused and do things with clarity.They have the mindset to get things done efficiently in a timely manner. […]

What Is Your Backup and Recovery Policy?

These days, most of your business likely exists in a purely digital format. The software, applications, and data that make up the bulk of your daily tasks and interactions with clients are created and stored on computers and servers. This offers a level of organization and ease of access that lets your staff work efficiently, […]

New Ransomware Strain Posts Your Personal Information Online

Last month a new ransomware strain appeared called “Cry” or “CryLocker,” which uses PNG, or Portable Network Graphic image files to record target users’ information such as the encrypted files themselves, as well as their location, and then uploads an image of this data to an album on image-sharing sites such as CryLocker was […]

Employee Spotlight: Tina Lemay

Tina Lemay is Acapella’s brilliant and talented Operations Manager. Tina joined our team a year and a half ago. When asked about her favorite part of working for Acapella, her response was the supportive and genuine family atmosphere the team has built under the guidance of owner Matt Mercier, and Acapella’s amazing customers. When Tina […]

A Quick Guide to Connecting to SharePoint Online

Configuring a mapped network drive to connect to SharePoint Online is a quick and easy way to use Windows Explorer to drag files into libraries, create folders, move and copy files, and delete multiple files at the same time. There are a few steps you’ll need to go through to get SharePoint set up, and […]

Ransomware Causing a Rethinking of Disaster Recovery Importance

Many companies are having to re-think their disaster recovery strategies due mainly to the recent spike in ransomware attacks, but also because of malware infection in general. With ransomware sneaking into more IT systems than ever before, and at such an alarming rate, organizations and enterprises are having to put cybersecurity and disaster recovery on […]

Security Report: Is Your IT Partner Doing All They Can to Keep You Safe?

When you speak to your IT partner, security is generally one of the first topics that will come up. And with good reason. If your business isn’t properly protected against outside threats, you stand to lose everything. Downtime doesn’t just result in a momentary loss of productivity; it often leads to a snowball effect that […]

A Complex and Confusing Security Marketplace May Be Putting Your Business At a Disadvantage

The IT security industry has been forced to adopt a reactive stance when it comes to the latest threats. Security vendors are constantly rushing to develop, test, and deploy new products in response to the most recent problem. And while they are succeeding, not everyone reaps the same benefits. Large businesses and corporations have several […]

Yahoo Data Theft Good Reason to Regularly Change Passwords

In case you needed another reason for regularly changing your passwords, the recently-uncovered Yahoo hack of 500 million accounts is probably the reason of the decade so far. The hack and subsequent data theft involving half a billion Yahoo accounts is the largest of its kind – ever. Granted, it is Yahoo, where most people […]

How to Stop Facebook from Listening to You Through Your Phone

Although empirical evidence that Facebook is listening to its users through the microphone settings available on smartphone apps for the social media Leviathan doesn’t officially exist, many still believe that Facebook is eavesdropping for whatever covert reasons they can imagine. Facebook denies the illegal listening rumors in a post (on one of their own domains) […]

Cloud Security Risks Mostly Come from Employees

With the many companies and organizations moving a majority of their data networks to the cloud, there is an oft-overlooked and underestimated danger in the midst of the current exodus to cloud computing: risk of cyber security breach from within. And, while it’s not something CEOs or other executives want to face when busy with […]

Constant Analysis of Your Network Security Performance is Crucial to Preventing Attacks

Being able to identify and anticipate network security flaws is a critical part of IT “hygiene,” and should be performed on an ongoing basis by experts. Not doing this is a big reason why we are seeing more and more cyberattacks and data breaches. So-called “zero-day” exploits or cyber breaches occur because companies and organizations […]

What’s the Best Cloud Migration and Hosting Strategy?

Anyone with any IT network to speak of is moving to the cloud these days. But, the saying “haste makes waste” needs to be heeded when considering the rush to cloud migration and hosting services for your company’s data network. You’ll want to weigh and consider all the ins and outs of cloud hosting and […]

5 Ways to Make the Most of Employee Social Media Time

A June 2016 survey conducted by Pew Research Center showed that 77% of the 2,003 surveyed American workers reported that despite workplace policies limiting or prohibiting social media use, they still got on social media while at work anyway. 77 percent. It’s apparent that despite pervasive and prohibitive rules on social media in the workplace, […]

Fight Malware Videos by Installing Anti-Exploit Security Measures

Hackers have branched out into a new scheme which mimics the URLs of certain videos and ads, getting you to click on them, and then re-directing you to malware-installing pages. Malware, or “malvertising” poses its largest risk at the “zero-day” point, where hackers are able to blindside most individuals, businesses, and even some security companies […]

Benefits Of “The Cloud”

Examining the Many Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses It has been all the rage in recent years for business networks to migrate, in whole or in part, to cloud-based computing services. And for good reason – businesses utilizing cloud services gain a number of benefits, not the least of which is cost-cutting via the […]

Why You Need to Update Your iPhone Now

As of August 25, Apple issued a “critical iOS update” designed to patch multiple zero-day security vulnerabilities which could conceivably allow a cyber attacker full control of any iPhone remotely “simply by clicking a link,” as “Digital Goddess” Kim Komando put it in her update on this subject on August 26. For those not aware […]

Windows 10 Update Questions?

What To Expect From The Windows 10 Anniversary Update In the beginning of August, Microsoft announced that it would launch an entirely new version of its Windows 10 operating system. As many users will attest to, the previous version of the system was riddled with inconsistencies, errors, and security flaws that caused companies to question […]

RMM Support and You: Keeping One Eye On Your Technology

In today’s modern environment, businesses are more dependent on technology than they have been at any point in history. These days, it isn’t enough to just make sure that everything is configured properly or that all of your devices are all communicating with one another. You need to be able to gain valuable insight into […]

5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Managed Services

There are many reasons why any sensible business owner should have a managed services provider (MSP) watchdogging your IT network security. With cyber threats like ransomware, HIPAA compliance, PCI compliance, and cloud vulnerabilities outlined by OWASP a major issue in the IT world, business owners need to be duly diligent when it comes to their […]

What the SharePoint iOS App Means for the Future of Your Business  

One of the most important technological tools that an office has at its disposal is by far its local intranet. These powerful networks are designed to be the digital support system employees need when they need it the most, with the only real limitation being that they have historically been confined to a single physical […]

BCBS Associate Hack Shows How a Company Properly Deals With Stolen Consumer Information

In August of 2016, Newkirk Products, Inc., a provider of managed services and ID cards to a number of BlueCross BlueShield organizations, announced it had discovered a breach of one of its servers that contained information about more than 3.3 million individuals. The breached server had protected health information (PHI) on it. The moment Newkirk […]

Microsoft Stream: Protecting Your Business Videos

Whether you’re sharing or uploading, Microsoft Stream offers protection for your business videos. Security has always been a primary concern for businesses who share videos. Thankfully, Microsoft Stream is here to eliminate any issues you might have with video sharing, and it can even encourage businesses to share videos more often. Here’s a look at […]

How to Do Marketing at a Low Cost

When most people hear the term “marketing,” they usually think about paid advertising. But the internet presents so many other ways to tell the product about your company and its offerings. And, marketing is much more than just paid advertising. This post will detail some low or no cost tactics for your online guerilla marketing […]

Malvertising Attack Scam Goes Undetected for Months, Infects Millions of Computers

The recent discovery of the AdGholas malvertising campaign gives a whole new meaning to the idea of secret code. As the first to utilize steganography in a malware campaign, AdGholas operated successfully and stealthily since October 2015 before being discovered. To infect its targets, AdGholas’ malware incorporates malicious coding into secret messages that it then […]

Got Windows 10 Battery Drain?

Microsoft Says Chrome and Firefox Deplete Battery, Recommends Edge to Conserve Power   Thought you were done with the Windows 10 harassment once you finally gave in and agreed to that upgrade? Not so fast. Windows has a bit more to nag you about, and this time, it has to do partly with your battery […]

Riding the Emerging Digital Wave

Is anything in business static? Not really, no. Technology changes and as it does your approach to doing business must change with it. What are the five fastest-moving digital areas that affect how you do business? 1. The Constant Change of the Mobile Marketplace Imagine if 80 percent of Facebook ads were mobile-oriented? You don’t […]

IT System Downtime is Costly

How You Can Mitigate It Many startups and small and medium-sized businesses believe they are at a disadvantage when it comes to protecting their companies from IT downtime. They are not in a position financially to have a robust IT function as part of their organization. In fact, IT tasks may fall to a clerical […]

Does Your Marketing Plan Convert?

How to Turn Window Shoppers Into Buyers With Your Unique Selling Proposition When you first started your business, you likely thought about what made you different from your competition, and how your service or product would solve your customer’s problem. You may not have realized it then, but you were in the process of formulating […]

Are You Oracle Compliant?

Confusing Policies Leave Businesses On the Hook for Extra Licensing Fees Oracle’s aggressive auditing practices have lately garnered the attention of law firms and tech companies alike—each concerned with the ambiguities and uncertainties of certain licensing protocols of the Oracle License Management Services division. Most notably, the company has become quite well-known for its propensity […]

France Orders Microsoft to Address Privacy Concerns in Windows 10

Before laptops, music players and smart phones, Microsoft was strictly a software company, making a name for itself by building the operating system of choice for IBM’s personal computer. As the decades passed and the market evolved, Microsoft has released new patches, updates and even new operating systems. But lately, each major new iteration has […]

What We Know About the iPhone 7

Anyone who has ever looked forward to a new release of Apple’s iPhone knows how much the company likes to keep things close to the vest. The level of secrecy swirling around each new release has gotten so bad that even accessory manufacturers don’t know anything until it is announced to the public. For every […]

Top Seven Laptops for Your Tech Business

If you’re in the market for a new business laptop, you must take into consideration a number of factors. Your particular field of business may put a premium on processing power, or on portability, for instance. Business owners who need to equip large teams may simply choose the most affordable laptop possible to get their […]

New Remote Interactive Camera Technology Increases Your Business’ Security and Your Freedom

These days, it seems that everything and everyone is going mobile. Even our business’ security systems are taking advantage of remotely managed and monitored video with the rise of more intuitive, user-friendly apps and mobile functionality. Your Managed IT Services Provider Can Customize Your Remote Security System to Fit Your Business’ Needs With your managed […]

How Did You Find Me on Google?

There was a time, years ago, when you could discover how people found out about your website directly from Google. The search engine would offer website operators the ability to see what keywords were used to access their sites, giving you immediate, real-time access to your search data. As of 2011, however, Google made a […]

12 Questions to Ask When Updating a Website

If you plan on updating or fully redesigning a website, be sure to set goals and carefully assess your users’ needs. These questions can help you complete a highly successful project: 1. What already works well? When they update websites, some companies mistakenly discard popular features, content or design elements. This can cause traffic and […]

How an investment in technology can future-proof your business

If your small business is to survive its infancy, the biggest favor you can do yourself is to plan ahead. Just as planning pertains to your financing and business model, making the right technology investments will help ensure that you’re in a good position to scale your operations. By opting for solutions that both fit […]

Cybersecurity Experts Talk Numbers

Small Biz Spends an Average $21K on Attacks and More Than 50% Will Fall Victim to a Breach Cybersecurity trend reports are useful and informative for the technically minded, but sometimes small business owners just want to know how they can protect their business from threats without having to weed through page after page of […]

Looking for More Bang for Your IT Buck?

Microsoft’s Cloud Partners Offer the Expertise of an In-House IT Team, Advanced IT Security and Cost-Effective ROI Many small and midsize businesses want to make the leap to the cloud, but they aren’t sure how to make it happen safely and securely. Fortunately, Microsoft offers an extensive network of dedicated Microsoft Partners that can help […]

Powerful Apps Businesses Should Be Using

As a business owner, you are likely looking for ways to streamline your operations and improve your customer service. That’s easier to do when you have ample resources at hand to help you with the process. The good news is the internet offers numerous tools and resources that can help business owners better meet their […]

How to Use Email For Advertising

Although it may not receive the press coverage it did a decade ago, email remains a potent advertising tool. Businesses of every size successfully use it to boost sales throughout the year. You can maximize the results by following these tips: Gaining Subscribers 1. Think about holding a contest with a prize that would appeal […]

Real-time Chatting With Bots Now Available on Facebook Messenger

First-generation tech isn’t always as impressive as we expect it to be, but it can progress quickly. That is likely to be the case with the recently-released Facebook chatbots that users can access via Facebook Messenger. The chatting functionality was released in April 2016 and already boasts over 11,000 bots ready and willing to answer […]

iPhone 7 Preview – News, Rumors, and Rumors About Rumors

It has become something of a cottage industry to report on the “leaked” details of any upcoming iPhone release. Whether intentional or not, the recent iPhone 7 leaks provide a useful preview of Apple’s latest output, which at least makes the speculation a little more solid. Here is what we have learned so far about […]

Making the Most of an IT Budget

How an SMB can make the most of its IT budget Given the smaller budgets that SMBs have to work with, they need to make sure that every cent is used effectively. Thankfully, we’re going to cover some of the ways an SMB can squeeze the most out of its budget in regards to security […]

Windows 10 Is Popular, But Windows 7 Still Rules

How popular is Windows 10? Released on July 29, 2015, Windows 10 received generally favorable reviews. reviewer Dan Grabham’s verdict: “Feature-wise, Windows 10 is the new Windows 7. It’s robust, pleasant to use and – perhaps best of all – free.” What? The “new Windows 7”? What about Windows 8 and 8.1? According to […]

Share Your Calendar in Office 365

If you’re using Office 365 or another Microsoft Exchange-based email service and you’re looking to share your calendar with people both inside and outside your company, Outlook and Outlook Web App are your answer. When you share your calendar internally, those you share with can add it to their own calendar view in Outlook or […]

4 Ways Workplaces Can Block Phishing Attempts Around Orlando Shooting

When tragedy strikes, it can briefly bring people closer together. If something dramatic takes place, minor disagreements may go on the back burner, either at a local level or even an international level. For instance, terrorist attacks in other parts of the world draw sympathy and foreign aid. Domestic attacks, such as the September 11 […]

Is Outsourcing Your IT Reverberating Back to Old School “IT Guy”?  

Your IT guy or gal is likely overworked, under tremendous stress, and pulled in multiple directions day to day and hour to hour. The typical IT shop is expected to be a one-size-fits-all collection of experts. Those IT staff members are responsible for making sure that dozens, hundreds or even thousands of devices are kept […]

Digital Attacks on the Rise

“In 2015, (the FBI) received over 8,000 complaints related to these threats with a combined reported loss of nearly $275 million.” — FBI 2015 Internet Crime Report Cybercrime is on the rise again. In the three-year span from 2013 to 2015, complaints rose 10 percent. It could be far worse than that, because, according to […]

How to Differentiate Between an IT Guru and an IT Amateur

When it comes to your business’s information technology (IT) needs, hiring a consultant worth his keep is of critical importance. Yet many business owners and managers aren’t familiar with the nuances of IT and mistakenly hire amateurs who claim to be savvy professionals. Here’s how you can distinguish between an IT expert and an amateur. […]

Small Accounting Firms can Boost Productivity by Tapping Into Technology  

Owners and managers of small- to mid-size accounting firms often feel as though they are at a competitive disadvantage with their larger counterparts. Though you can swing the balance of power in your favor by recruiting “rainmakers” and cutting costs to a certain degree, the best course of action is to tap into contemporary technological […]

Windows 7 and 8.1 Restore: What to Do When Windows 10 Forces an Unwanted Update

Have you turned on your PC recently only to find your operating system totally replaced with a newer, shinier, totally unfamiliar Windows 10 platform? If you’ve been affected by a forced update and you want things to go back to the way they were, you have options. Assuming the upgrade took place within the last […]

The Potential Downside to an Increasingly Mobile Workforce

Humanity is rapidly hurtling forward at a breakneck speed toward a high-tech reality dominated by web-enabled mobile devices. The average worker’s typical workday has been revolutionized over the past couple of decades. For all the good that these improvements in technology have brought, there is still a downside that cannot be denied: Data security vulnerabilities. […]

Don’t Close That Box! Your Windows 10 Upgrade May Be Trying to Trick You

Countless Windows 10 users report being duped by the latest Windows 10 upgrade trick: it reportedly causes users to believe they have canceled an update by clicking the familiar red “x” at the top corner of the box. As it turns out, Microsoft had another interpretation for a user’s click of the normally trustworthy red […]

Is Upgrading to Windows 10 a Good Idea?

Like every edition of Windows, version 10 offers some important advantages alongside significant drawbacks. Businesses benefit from improved security functions, enhanced tablet compatibility, better update control and a new Web browser. Windows 10 also boots somewhat quicker on most machines. At the same time, this operating system’s disadvantages have made many companies think twice about […]

10 Tips on Password Security for Businesses

Computer password security holds great importance for businesses in a wide range of industries. If hackers guess or gain access to passwords, they could potentially steal your company’s funds, read private messages or use customer data for illegal purposes. These tips can help you prevent such disasters: 1. Train employees to develop complex passwords and […]

What Does Managed IT Mean and How Does it Compare to Break/Fix IT?

In the world of information technology, the prevailing method of maintaining functional business operations since the invention of the computer has been an approach called break/fix. This is the traditional IT support method that you are most likely familiar with; a service provider that operates in a similar manner to a home electrician or a […]

Data Theft Underscores Need for Employee Mobile Device Security

If your IT security plan doesn’t include employee mobile device security, then you are opening yourself up to potentially costly liabilities. This is especially true for larger corporations, but any company can be affected by data loss or security breach caused by an ex-employee absconding with company property (smartphones, iPads, and other mobile devices). Make […]

Smartphone and Mobile Device Cybersecurity Need at Critical Mass

Smartphone users are to top the 2 billion mark in 2016. This is close to one-third of the world’s population regularly sending and receiving sensitive and potentially costly information! For LLCs, SMEs and large corporations, this prospect puts their compliance adherence at greater risk. But, many of these mobile device users are at great risk […]

Watch Out for These Digital Security Threats in the Summer of 2016  

This year has been quite tumultuous in terms of digital security. An array of new threats have popped up in the past six months, and plenty more are surely lurking on the horizon. It seems as if you can’t read tech industry news without seeing stories about all sorts of data breaches, malware and remote […]

Need for Adequate Mobile Device Security Greater Than Ever

Society is reaching a high watermark in terms of mobile device usage, with 1.75 billion smartphone users worldwide as of 2014. With so many people using devices that regularly store and send personally-identifying information, the smartphone “craze” has but too few pondering mobile device security. Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is provided by IT services […]

Breaking Barriers US Government Using Old Computers

It’s not as simple as it sounds when it comes to replacing or even updating U.S. Government technology. What most people don’t realize is that this market is a flow down environment very much like a network connecting to sectors with encrypted limits to access. There was a time when the government set the scales […]

Choosing the Right Marketing Software

Approximately 76 percent of small business owners report facing marketing challenges that prevent them from growing their business. Information technology solutions can improve SMB marketing means and return on investment. Yet the landscape can seem cluttered with options, intimidating the SMB owner out of selecting the right marketing software. Learn about common IT solutions for […]

Are You Running Your IT or Is It Running You?

When you outsource your IT to a reputable managed services provider, you are essentially getting a full IT business support network that’s always there when you need it most. A reputable IT managed service provider (MSP) doesn’t stop at security; businesses of all sizes contract their IT services to minimize downtime, prevent data loss and […]

Dell’s New 4K, 43-inch, 4-Panel Monitor

The Dell 43 Multiclient Monitor, also known as the P4317Q, is designed for the future of professional computer users and hard-core gamers, both of whom are looking for more immersion and information from their displays. Before the Dell 43, in most cases, these gamers, stock traders and marketing pros would have had to invest in […]

What Memorial Day is REALLY All About  

It’s easy to think of Memorial Day as a convenient day off in a busy calendar and the start of summer, but we suggest you take a step back and think a bit harder about it. Millions of men and women have put their lives on the line to defend our collective way of life. […]

Austin’s Grassroots Take the Government For a Ride

With the recent failure of Proposition 1 in Austin, Uber and Lyft were both banned from the city. The vote was especially interesting because Austin is usually known for being on the cutting edge of technology, as a center of Bitcoin commerce and VR tech, among many other things. However, the people of Austin quickly […]

Don’t Forget About Security on Common Internet Platforms Like LinkedIn

It’s easy to go to sleep on security issues at online resources that we use routinely. Many LinkedIn users, for example, use it regularly, staying logged in and even logging in on multiple devices simultaneously. All of this makes LinkedIn a fabulous target for cyber-criminals looking for low-hanging fruit of hacking opportunities. LinkedIn is attentive […]

Manually Checking Your Computer for Windows 10 Compatibility  

Many of the concerns about upgrading to Windows 10 have to do with the initial compatibility of the operating system with the computer. Before you commit yourself to an upgrade, you can manually run a Windows compatibility checker if the program does not automatically check for compatibility when you start. Here is the process for […]

How to Disable Clutter in Outlook

It’s called Clutter, but it might as well be called Confusion. Microsoft’s new feature can cost you business if that important email ends up in the Clutter file, and you don’t realize it. In 2014, Microsoft rolled out Clutter for Office 365 customers. The idea is to filter your emails based on which ones you […]

Using Multiple Displays for Maximum Productivity

The use of multiple displays, or more than one monitor, can make it easier for employees to organize, manage, and work on large tasks. However, purchasing additional monitors for every employee can quickly become expensive. Does it make sense for your business? Following are some pros and cons to consider to help determine the value […]

3 IT Issues That Cause Huge Issues With Employees – And How to Solve Them!

For the small or medium-sized business owner, keeping up with all the latest information technology can be challenging. You’re already incredibly busy with day-to-day business concerns, so you may simply not have enough time to do everything. The only problem is your employees may be slowly building up resentment and frustration towards the company because […]

Google Search Tips and Ways to Improve Your Business Ranking

Internet technology makes many things possible, especially expanding a business. Google is a search engine like Yahoo and Bing, but Google can be customized in various ways to help your business. One of the best ways to improve your business is to improve your ranking on Google. Read on to discover various ways to improve […]

Travelling to a Breakthrough With Windows Passport

In today’s world, passwords have become the primary method that most of us use to protect our personal information. The truth of the matter, however, is that passwords are extremely inconvenient and insecure. No matter how complex a password is, it doesn’t have the capabilities to remain effective. Not only are passwords easily hackable, but […]

Cisco Security Researchers Discover PC Backdoors That Give Administrative Rights to Software Developers

Cybersecurity researchers at Cisco recently announced that they uncovered computer backdoors created by a relatively unknown French marketing company called Tuto4PC. The backdoor highlighted by Cisco’s digital security experts provides software makers with access to 12 million PCs across the globe. It is quite the shocking discovery and will undoubtedly turn out to be one […]

A Closer Look At Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft’s newest browser tools provide businesses a fantastic advantage, but are you getting the most out of them? Let’s take a look at the Windows 10 browsing options for your enterprise. Enterprise Guidance The default browser for anybody running Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile is Microsoft Edge. However, if the user is using web […]

The Many Benefits of Developing a Strategic IT Plan

Every business owner would love to know exactly where his company is headed in the future. An ability to predict upcoming events and challenges would make it quite easy to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, you can’t say for sure where your business is going or what types of information technology roadblocks […]

Top 10 Hacks for Google Searches

Nowadays, search engines tend to find what you are looking for pretty easily. However, there are times when they can just miss it altogether. Here are a few tips for what to do when that happens. The easiest way to find something specific is to use quotation marks around a name or phrase. This tells […]

Apple Refuses Another Bite at QuickTime for Windows

If your PC is running Windows and also has QuickTime for PC by Apple installed, you need to know something. On April 14, 2016, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT), a division of the United States Department of Homeland Security, announced that, based on a report from Trend Micro Security, owners of Windows-based […]

Does Your Business Have A Disaster Recovery Plan?

Whether we are properly prepared or not there will be incidents involving a natural disaster or other emergency that will cause an interruption to your systems. How ready are you should this happen? Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place that will safeguard your important information and ensure your customers are taken care […]

The People Factor in Information Security — The Front-Door Hacker Approach

“You don’t have to worry just about technology… You have to worry about your people, because people will break things, and people can fix them.” —Information Security Is All About Operational Risk, by Michael Hill Your business has become more and more dependent on automation, and you store much of your proprietary and business data […]

5 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Administrative Professional This Admin Day  

Wednesday, April 27th, known as Administrative Professionals Day, presents an opportunity for you to show your appreciation to the administrative professionals who make your business a success. The event was first celebrated in 1952 by the United States Department of Commerce and was referred to as National Secretaries Week. Wednesday of that week soon became […]

Need an easier way to accomplish sales targets?

Your business’ technology is the answer. Information technology (IT) is an undeniably important part of any modern business that wants to maintain a competitive edge. Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers are gaining more and more authority at the Executive table, and according to Computerworld, 43% of these executives intend to increase their IT […]

Millions of XP-Based PCs Are Vulnerable to Attacks

Many Windows XP users were unhappy with the next release of the operating system, Windows Vista, and they refused to upgrade. Though versions since Vista have evidently taken consumers’ concerns into account, a significant number of devices ‒ out of the more than 1 billion in existence, according to Windows ‒ are still using Windows […]

Encryption Legislation Receives No Support From White House

Division among federal agencies concerning encryption is at least partially responsible for the Obama administration’s reluctance to neither oppose nor support legislation that makes it easier for judges to force technology companies like Apple to offer assistance to law enforcement agencies as they interpret encrypted data. Bipartisan legislation from Dianne Feinstein, a leading Democrat in […]

Strategic Thinking and IT Leadership

I came across a video interview recently that touched on the topic of strategic thinking in information technology. The interview was conducted at this year’s World Health Care Congress in Washington DC, but the point longtime CIO Dr. Mansur Hasib makes applies to all sectors of business, not just healthcare. Dr. Hasib argues that all […]

Why leaders need leadership training?

You are a leader. You may hold a titled leadership position, such as Supervisor, Manager, HR Director, or CEO. A leader has an entrepreneurial spirit and is a visionary. They are laser focused and do things with clarity.They have the mindset to get things done efficiently in a timely manner. They inspire and motivate others. […]

Data Backup Is A Requirement

Data backup is a requirement, especially when managing sensitive information. If primary versions of the data are lost, backup systems can recover the information. Server virtualization is emerging as an excellent option in disaster recovery due to its lower cost and improved recovery times. The chance of a massive systems failure is the top priority […]

What Is A vCIO?

The Chief Information Officer of a company, usually referred to as the CIO, is responsible for strategic IT planning, analysis, and overall information technology management. However, employing someone in this executive level position is normally not feasible for small and midsize companies due to limited budgetary resources. Due to the rapidly changing nature of technology, […]

Why Do You Need A Business Continuity Plan?

No one ever expects a natural disaster to come and wipe out a business entirely. That being said however, oftentimes it is this false sense of security that ends up ruining businesses that do not have a disaster plan in place. It is important for all businesses, no matter the size, no matter the location, […]

Email Scams, is Your Business at Risk?  

Email is perhaps the most popular and most important means of communication for any business in any country in just about any industry. Email is one of the unifying factors that brings all industries together and gives them a common thread. This is why email is one of the most frequently hacked, frequently manipulated, and […]

Petya Ransomware – Taking Computer Users Hostage

Without a doubt, we are entering an entirely new era of cyber security and hacking. If you need any proof of this, all you need to do is scan the headlines of the latest news articles. Every other day, there is news about another cyber security crime that is making headlines. While some of these […]

Ransomware an Expensive Problem for Everyone

Major news sites have been exploited by hackers using a malware exploit package known as the “Angle exploit kit.” Some of the targeted sites include The New York Times, BBC, Newsweek, AOL, MSN, The Hill, and the Guardian. A bit of dark humor is in that one of the infected news pages was a Guardian […]

5 Reasons Businesses Today Are Choosing Managed IT Services

Staggering statistics were published stating that by 2019, the managed-services market is expected to see growth by as much as $193 billion . What is it about this particular business model that is so wildly successful? It seems a large percentage of small- and medium-sized businesses are very much in favor of these services, and […]

Do you need a CIO? – Determining the best options for the oversight of technology within your business.

Holding the title of Chief Information Officer (CIO) sounds important – and it is – but developing an understanding for why and how designating a CIO can make a difference within your operational environment is the most important factor. The primary responsibility of a CIO is to find ways to utilize technology in a way […]

How To Vastly Improve Telecom Security

We live in a different world now, a world where cybersecurity threats surround us every day. It used to be easy to fend off these attacks by installing a simple antivirus, but times have changed. The Target Small business owners could really get blindsided by an attack, potentially losing thousands of dollars and hours of […]

Leveraging Information Technology to Grow Your Business

By now everyone has heard the term “information technology”. Unfortunately for their bottom line there are company owners who can’t understand how IT can help them. The truth is that Information Technology is a powerful tool, and when it is leveraged on your behalf by professionals, it can have surprisingly positive results. We have all […]

Save Some Pocket Room with the New iPhone 7

A Japanese tech site, Macotakara, has released that the new iPhone 7 will be 1mm thinner than its predecessor, the iPhone 6s. With the new change to depth, the iPhone should be 6.1mm from the previous 7.1mm. There’s a recent claim that other dimensions and materials of the new device will remain the same, making […]

Save Time with These Fantastic iPhone & iPad Email Apps

Being a busy business owner leads to a large influx of emails on a daily basis. Communication is one of the main contributors to success, and a good way to stay organized is to stop using stock mail on your device, and evolve with these useful apps to make your life a little easier. Switching […]

Catching The Culprit at What Cost?

Apple CEO Tim Cook and FBI Director James Comey are butting heads over privacy and safety. On December 2nd, 2015, a married couple, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, opened fire at a holiday party in San Bernardino. Twenty-two people were injured and 14 were killed, along with the couple. There was an iPhone of […]

Why Networking Is Important – and How Your Local Chamber of Commerce Can Help

Networking is critical to the success of any business and is the single most important marketing tactic when it comes to establishing a reputation and growing your business.  Networking is all about making connections and building mutually benefitting relationships with other professionals, using those relationships to improve your business. By carefully building and developing your […]

Why switch to Microsoft Office 365? – Pros and Cons

Making the move to the cloud comes with a myriad of mixed feelings from people, some will tell you that it’s the greatest innovation in collaboration to date, while others feel that it is just a tool that big companies can utilize to take control of your sensitive data. Now, whether or not the latter […]

“That Could Never Happen To Me!”

Such a dangerous sentence, yet so widely used. Small businesses tend to think they are invincible when it comes to cybercriminal attacks and this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, you are at risk every single day you refuse to upgrade your security systems. Your small business might as well have a red […]

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Support Ending April 2016

Extended support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is coming to an end on April 12, 2016. With the end of life for SQL Server 2005 approaching, this means no feature updates, application fixes, security patches, or anything of that nature will be available. This means that anyone still running Microsoft Server SQL Server 2005 is […]

Identity Theft: Will You Be Next?

Identity Theft is among one of the more dangerous threats to your company. These cybercriminals have no shame, draining your accounts behind your back. Your business needs to evolve and always be on high alert for the next big threat. Cybercriminals are finding identity theft to be one of the most low risk offenses. They […]

Don’t Miss Your FREE Security Checkup and 2GB of Drive Space on February 9th

If you haven’t heard, Tuesday, February 9th 2016 marks the annual Safer Internet Day, and Google will be celebrating (again) by offering a reward of 2GB of additional Drive space for everyone who is willing to participate in a simple security check up. Free storage in exchange for a free security scan that will increase […]

iPhone 7 Rumors

Rumors Spark Excitement for the Upcoming iPhone 7! Although so far it’s merely speculation, there are some pretty exciting rumors attached to the release of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Ranging from an edge-to-edge display, waterproof body, and wireless charging, the iPhone 7 is bound to be vastly different one way or another, […]

Is your IT guy hiding issues that could cripple your business?

Why Internal Technology Resources Hide Issues from Their Manager Regardless of your industry, technology is what keeps your business running smoothly and effectively – whether it’s to provide mobility with business communication tools or increase productivity by reducing the risk of disruption. Sometimes when you’re dealing with an internal technology resource rather than an outsourced […]

Acapella Technologies Takes Part in Philanthropic Activities to Lend a Helping Hand Throughout Our Community

Acapella Technologies understands the importance of taking part in philanthropic activities, in order to lend a helping hand and improve the quality of life for those throughout our community. We aim to do everything we can in terms of donating time, resources, and money to the following: NH Center for Nonprofits: A 501(c)(3) nonprofit that […]

Everyone Please Welcome Chris Majauckas To Our Team

We Are Pleased to Welcome Lead Technician Chris Majauckas to Our Team of IT Experts!  Acapella Technologies is proud to announce the latest addition to our staff of IT professionals: Chris Majauckas. Chris joined us two months ago as our lead technician and has since then been learning about our clients with the help of our veteran […]

Don’t Miss This Fantastic Exhibition at the SEE Science Center!

Join the SEE Science Center through January 31st, 2016 for an Educational, Entertaining Exhibition: DINOSAURS! The SEE Science Center, an interactive learning center that promotes the understanding, enjoyment, and achievements of technology, science, engineering, and mathematics, is one of the many businesses we serve – helping to keep their technology functioning at peak performance while […]

Are You Using Android Apps on Your Smart TV?

Smart TV’s are quickly becoming the household smart gadget of choice over the past couple years- and rightly so, they’re amazing. They come couch potato ready with free and subscription entertainment services such as Netflix, Crackle, and YouTube, already built in, and the majority of Smart TV’s are even able to run Android apps as […]

What makes an Effective Business Owner

When you’re your own boss, it’s difficult, especially as industries of all types are becoming more competitive and agile than ever before. So what makes an effective business owner? They might have started with a good idea or intellect or connections, but ultimately, what gets you started doesn’t keep you in business. We all know […]

The 4 Most Powerful Secrets to Saving Serious Money  

Technology evolves at a rapid rate, yet so many businesses continue to run out, outdated systems that cost them tons in maintenance and support, not to mention productivity loss and wasted payroll dollars as employees struggle to get work done. We know it’s easy to find yourself holding onto old junk, but updating your technology […]

Urgent Security Bulletin Regarding Unauthorized Code Released By Juniper

An operating system by Juniper Networks, used to manage firewalls, contained unauthorized code. This poses multiple security threats to any platform or product that is running ScreenOS 6.2Or18 and 6.3Or12 through 6.3Or20. A security bulletin released by the company stated that the origins of the unauthorized code have yet to be determined, and is said […]

Is Your Law Firm IT Provider Knowledgeable with Your Legal Apps?

During recent years we have all witnessed how technology has transformed the practice of law.  Not only have we seen changes to business models, work methods, and client services, but also a tangential shift has occurred wherein legal and IT professionals are actively and effectively working together for e-discovery planning, reviews, and various requests responses […]

Don’t Let YOUR Business Fall Victim to Dangerous Ransomware

Get the Information You Need to Protect Your Livelihood and Save Your Hard Earned Money  What would happen if you woke up tomorrow, and your data was gone? What would you do? Would you panic? Would your vital information be lost forever? Wouldn’t you want to ensure that you would never have to worry about […]

Commonly Used Microsoft Excel Workbook Recovery Prompts

Glitches and minor issues are somewhat commonplace when working with Excel, and can be a source of frustration for the average user. One issue, for example, gives an error message stating, “Excel found unreadable content in [your workbook]. Do you want to recover the contents of this workbook?” When yes is selected, the content is […]

Ashley Madison Blackmailers Update

Watch Out! Snail Mail Is The New Weapon Of Ashley Madison Blackmailers It has been several months now since the firm of Ashley Madison was hit by a massive data security breach, however, now there is a new type of threat that account holders are claiming to have become a target of this new targeted […]

Don’t Let Hackers Use This Email Scam To Trick Your Employees into Spending Your Cash!

You know that effective communication with co-workers and clients is crucial, but are you sure your employees are practicing safe email conduct? Cybercriminals are smart. They adapt quickly and come up with ways to take advantage of businesses like yours. Recently, hackers have begun to use false email accounts to request seemingly legitimate wire transfers. With […]

How Does Cortana Make Your Life Easier?

The hustle of everyday life can be overwhelming at times, but what if you could have a personal assistant to help you manage your busy lifestyle? A personal assistant can provide a slew of services to make life more tolerable, ranging from scheduling and providing directions to singing you your favorite tune. As technology progresses […]

Pros and Cons of Having a Server Hosted Off-Site

Every business owner is forced to make the decision as to whether or not to host their server on or off site. The decision is an important one, and careful consideration of your unique needs should be taken before making such a decision. There are many hosting options available, so deciding how to best proceed […]

5 Great Gift Ideas for the Privacy Lover on Your List!

Hackers and cybercriminals make it clear that privacy and security are major concerns in modern day living. This holiday season, instead of worrying about security threats and what hackers are up to, think about how to protect your privacy and keep important information secure. Take a look at this list of the top 5 gift […]

Never Use Free Malware Removal Tools

Have You Infected Your Own Computer? Why It’s Crucial You Stay Away From “Free!” Malware Clean-up Tools We understand that protecting your network and devices against online threats is crucial – you hear about the potential downfalls all the time. Cybercriminals are crippling business, infecting systems, and stealing data. So naturally you’ll do just about […]

Hanging Onto Old Junk?

News Flash: Hanging Onto Old Junk Doesn’t Save You Money! Discover 3 Ways Updating Your Technology Will Skyrocket Your Revenue Your Technology Doesn’t Age Gracefully… Why Wait Until You Lose Time, Money, and Customers Due to Outdated Technology? Do you still use a traditional phone system that doesn’t offer advanced features? Are your workstations old […]

Well Managed IT: The Key to Your Success

Having all of the right technology solutions is crucial – but without experienced IT professionals making sure your technology tools are well managed and the right solutions are in place, you’ve got nothing. We know that you need time to focus on your business, and that means leaving your IT up to us. If you […]

World Academy Needed a Proactive & Responsive IT Company – Acapella Technologies Fit the Bill Perfectly!

World Academy, located in Nashua, NH, is an independent, progressive school that educates students from infancy to grade eight. World Academy is entirely committed to cultivating the next generation of leaders through great education. When World Academy was looking for a proactive and responsive IT company, Acapella Technologies was able to fit the bill perfectly. […]

The Methods of Storing Data: Revealed

As the importance of safeguarding and storing data continues to increase, companies both large and small have the same opportunities to easily and economically keep digital copies of any and all documents. But with all of the different types of options available, it can be confusing to decide which is best for your company. So […]

5 Ways Managed IT Services Save You Serious Cash

If you’re looking to save some serious cash in the new year, it’s time to think about managed IT services – a model that allows you to get all the technology services and support you need for a flat-rate monthly fee. You essentially offload part of all of the management of your information technology to […]

IT Jargon: Clear Up the Confusion

In the information technology industry, IT professionals have a reputation for speaking in jargon that’s confusing and unfamiliar to those outside of the industry.   Acapella Technologies strives to speak in plain, easy-to-understand terms, but we know many business owners struggle working with IT professionals that use tons of jargon. That’s why we’ve compiled this list […]

The Key To Fostering Efficiency In Your Business

Microsoft Office has been the go-to in productivity for years – allowing businesses to leverage various programs, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and more, in order to communicate with customers, access important information, and keep track of files with ease. Microsoft Office 365 moves you to the cloud – and it’s the key to fostering efficiency […]

Patch Tuesday Leaves Outlook Users Outraged

Microsoft’s recent Patch Tuesday brought four critical updates, as well as eight important updates, in an attempt to resolve 54 reported vulnerabilities found in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. KB 3097877, part of security bulletin MS15-115, was found to cause a multitude of issues for those using Outlook, including the following: Crashing when opening web-formatted […]

Get the Latest Technology So Cheap It’s Almost FREE

The Microsoft Store is offering an exciting new trade-in program that gives you up to $700 towards the cost of purchasing a Surface – whether it’s the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book. This is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your devices and make it more affordable to do so. Why take advantage of this […]

14 Tips to Becoming An iPhone 6s Master

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have been out for a month now, and people are starting to discover the full potential these phones have to offer. These 14 things will help you master the use of you iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, that we bet you did not even know your iPhone […]

CryptoWall: Back With A Vengeance

Don’t Let the Latest Version of CryptoWall Destroy Everything You’ve Worked So Hard to Build… Remember CryptoWall, the world’s most destructive ransomware? It’s back with a vengeance! CryptoWall 4.0 has surfaced with a multitude of encryption methods and evasion tactics that are tricking even the latest anti-virus programs. Ransomware is the worst possible threat for […]

Suffering From Hearing Loss?

Are You Damaging Your Ability to Hear On a Daily Basis? Over the past decade and a half, mobile devices have allowed consumers to do more and more on-the-go. Yearly advances in portable tech allow you to read, watch and listen to just about anything on your smartphone or tablet while you commute to work […]

Who Are The True Heroes?

Honor Our Troops and Give a Big Salute to the True Heroes! On Veterans Day, we’d like to invite all of our clients to join us in thanking all the veterans who bravely serve their country and put their lives on the line. This year, please take a moment when 11:00am rolls around to take […]

Are You Putting Your Business At Risk With Outdated Hardware?

Any business, regardless of the size or industry, will face many challenges. Whether it’s a strict deadline, harsh industry regulations or aggressive competition, the business world will always offer its share of difficulties. Despite being so crucial to a business’ bottom line, one challenge that is often overlooked is Information Technology. Assessment professionals TechCheck have […]

Why Its Crucial That CMO’s Turn to IT Experts for Effective Data Management

Chief Marketing Officers have a lot to consider when it comes to the evolution of marketing technology. Now more than ever, it is crucial that CMO’s focus on data-driven hardware and software. By leveraging the power of data and statistics, CMO’s can push their business to new heights, alleviating obstacles and improving operations. Many marketing […]

Afraid To Switch IT Providers?

Take That Fear Away! In today’s modern business environment, your IT provider is an integral part of your company – they need to go above and beyond to do more than fixing broken equipment and installing new hardware. They need to be there when you need them most, and always find new ways to enhance efficiency. […]

What Does 2016 Have In Store For You?

Where do you see your company in a year from now? Researchers asked that same question to business technology pros, and they had a few predictions of what the forecast would be for 2016. They came up with a lot of answers, but some major trends began to appear. Information Security Data security has been, […]

Ready to Operate Microsoft Outlook Like a Pro?

Improve Productivity with 5 Essential Microsoft Outlook Tips Microsoft Outlook is widely accepted as being one of the best tools on the market for business focusses email management software, however the software consists of so many different functions, settings and abilities that mastering them and being able to fully benefit from the program’s features is […]

Have You Found The Best IT Support Services For Your Business?

A healthy business grows and develops, and that’s what an IT support company should help its clients achieve. When the technology you use for your company’s operation is a daily problem, it takes time, money and other resources away from the goals that you should be focusing on. Furthermore, it can be difficult to find […]

Tips For Running A Business In 2016

In 2016, Get Ready to Cut Costs, Increase Take-Home Profits, and Operate More Efficiently Here’s What You Need to Know to Get Ready for the Upcoming Year… We’re in the middle of an information technology revolution and it all started with the personal computer. Since then, we’ve seen smartphones, tablets, and other devices with more […]

These Chilling Mistakes Will Quickly Unleash Your Worst Nightmares

And It’s Costlier Than You’d Think to Wake Up. Imagine your worst nightmare: coming into the office, turning on your desktop, and finding that all of your data is gone – financial records, customer information, everything – deleted. IT shouldn’t be something you’re afraid of; but when cybercriminals start causing trouble, it’s crucial that you […]

Tired of Break/Fix IT Solutions?

Here’s How Managed Services Will Save Your Business Big Bucks When you’re constantly shelling out money for repairs and upgrades, the cost adds up. Technology is always changing, and there are new threats and vulnerabilities popping up all the time; evolution also means that processes run their course quickly and hardware becomes obsolete faster than […]

What’s New with iOS 9?

On September 16th, 2015, Apple released the highly anticipated new operating system. iOS9 is a sophisticated operating system available for all apple devices except for tablets after the first iPad and phones older then iPhone 4. The software has a lot of new promising features to make your experience more enjoyable. So What’s New With […]

The Top Little-Known Best Practices for a Secure Workstation Policy

Offices of all kinds in all industries have some type of a computer system that all employees rely on, in order to perform their day to day tasks and obligations. These workstations may come in the form of desktop computers, or could be employee owned laptops, but regardless, the company will have workstations of some […]

Internet Scam Robs Companies of Millions

Hackers have found a new way to steal from companies and it has more to do with people than it does technology.  Millions of dollars have been reported stolen from large corporations and they are handing it over themselves! This is how the scam works… Hackers will target the leaders of the company, usually the […]

Does Your IT Company Provide Real Insight Into the Efficiencies of Your Business?

Beyond providing basic technology management and support, your IT company should be helping you create an agenda to align technology with goals and objectives to support growth and success. provide real insight into the efficiencies of your business? If not, it’s time to find another IT company that looks at technology as a business enabler […]

Hackers Have New Ways of Attacking Your Computer

We all know that downloading suspicious files is a good way to get a virus, but hackers are now able to disguise a file to make it seem harmless. They do this by changing or hiding the extension of the file. What’s a file’s extension? The extension is simply the three digit code at the […]

T-Mobile Customers Beware

HUGE Hack Stole Confidential Information T-Mobile server has been hacked with attackers taking away with the personal data of over 15 million people. The data collected spans from September 1st 2013 to September 16th 2015, which is when the attack occurred. The company has yet to launch an investigation claiming that the main priority is […]

URGENT: Your Phone is Malware-Ridden

Have You Downloaded Any of These Apps! If you think that all of the apps on your phone are safe, think again. Recently, Apple admitted that literally dozens of apps have been affected with malware that is more than capable of obtaining your personal information, including your passwords and login information. Below is a list […]

Attention T-Mobile Customers

You Might’ve Been Hacked in the Huge Experian Data Breach! Consumers who made credit applications through Experian from T-Mobile Since 2013 may be affected A recent data breach at the online credit bureau Experian is reported to have affected as many as 15 million U.S consumers on the T-Mobile network. The data includes several personal […]

Are You Falling Behind?

Will Your Business Be Left Behind In The Race For More Effective Information Technology? Good businesses grow, expanding the size and scope of their operation, which in turn requires further resources to support expansion. This includes your New England business’ Information Technology infrastructure, as the more employees you have and the more clients you serve, the […]

Gambling On Your Work SmartPhone? Be Prepared To Lose BIG!

Workers Using Gambling Apps On Their Phones Put Business Data at Major Risk! It turns out that employees working for large global companies are compromising IT security and putting sensitive business data stored on their devices at risk – by doing something as simple as adding a gambling app on their phone. A security firm […]

One Seriously Simple Trick to Give Your Old iPhone or iPad a Speed Boost

If you are someone who bought an iPhone or iPad a couple years ago, chances are, it’s either getting a little sluggish, or you’ve stopped using it because it got a lot sluggish. We all like to get the most out of our money, and with the price of Apple products, we figure you’d love […]

The Key to Working Wiser, Not Harder

It’s easy to fall into a lifestyle where you work too hard, and find yourself constantly thinking about work. Along with this, no matter what way you juggle your schedule, the number of hours in the day stays the same, and it never seems to be quite enough. To solve this, there have been proven […]

Do You Really Want to Hire That Computer Guy from Craigslist?

Desperate times call for desperate measures, or so we’ve heard, but do you really want to hire a computer guy you’re not 100% certain is great? Think about it: everything you do within your organization depends on technology. If your technology doesn’t work properly, you can’t get anything done – and that means losing valuable […]

The Productivity Killers You’d Never Guess

A primary focus for any successful company is of course productivity. Businesses are always looking to maximize efficiency and be as productive as possible with the resources they have. Some tactics companies have adopted over the years to help increase productivity include the use of email systems, holding regular business meetings, and establishing a management […]

WiFi Router: Gateway For Hackers?

If you’ve kept up on the latest news, you’ve likely noticed a multitude of hacks occurring throughout the past few months. A common way for cybercriminals to steal and disclose confidential information is through hacking the wireless network. That’s why I’ve searched for the perfect way to help home computer users secure their Wi-Fi against […]

New Credit Card Standards Coming Oct 1

Hurry, Uncover the Secret to Complying with EMV Standards Before October 1st, 2015! Get Ready for the Hugest Change to the Way Retailers Handle Credit Cards! For retailers who accept credit cards, there’s a huge change looming in the future. On October 1st, 2015, all retailers must comply with EMV standards. Essentially, EMV stands for […]

Does Your IT Company Think Strategically?

Why Having an IT Company That Thinks Strategically Is Better For Your Business IT companies are a dime a dozen these days. Almost all of these companies have very competent and highly trained IT consultants, but they may not be the right choice for your business model. Some IT companies may not be the right […]

What’s Fast, Powerful, and Ready to Give Your Company a Competitive Edge?

Microsoft’s Latest Browser: Microsoft Edge, Of Course! For line-of-business applications that require ActiveX, VBScript, or Browser Helper Objects, many businesses have set their standards to older versions of Internet Explorer. Older versions of IE have continued to hold in there, regardless of Microsoft’s attempts to get users to upgrade, for compatibility reasons. Chris Jackson, software […]

How To Seek Out And Destroy Bloatware

Bloatware Lurks in Your New PC – How to Seek It Out and Destroy When you buy a new PC with Windows, you do so knowing that there’s a bunch of software that’s already been loaded into it. Much of it is okay because you’re going to use it for personal projects, games and for […]

4 Tips to Reach the Prime of Your Productivity

We all know that time is money, but not everyone knows how to use their time productively and get the value from it that they deserve. Being a small business owner isn’t necessarily about working hard, it’s about working smart. Here are 4 ways to reduce wasted time and energy within your business, and start […]

Does Windows 10 Know Too Much?

In the past few weeks following Windows 10’s release, there has been a lot to be said about the amount of personal information Microsoft chooses to collect – and not a lot of it is good. Though Microsoft isn’t doing itself any favors with it’s difficult-to-navigate (and especially turn off) privacy settings, and vague privacy […]

Microsoft Releases Updates in August’s Patch Tuesday to Fix Critical Security Flaws.

Yes, Windows 10 users were affected by these security flaws as well! Even with the newest OS to be released by Microsoft, Windows 10 was victim to these security flaws, but with these new patches, you can feel a bit more secure knowing that the big software giant is doing everything they can to keep […]

Why Email Encryption is Absolutely Vital for Safeguarding Information and Remaining Compliant

Email Encryption: The Simplest Way to Save Yourself Tons of Hefty Fines and Reputational Damage in the Future Security is a major buzzword these days, isn’t it? You’ve likely heard all about the importance of strong passwords, anti-virus software, firewalls, and various other security measures that need to be in place. But have you considered […]


When you think of technology, convenience should be the first thing that comes to mind. Our IT security experts work with you to align your IT with your business objectives, so you start solving problems and reaching goals with the right technology. If your IT company hasn’t spoken to you about or set you up with […]

Did You Know 70% of Covered Entities Are Not Compliant with HIPAA?

For many healthcare professionals, HIPAA can be incredibly complex – the regulations surrounding HIPAA are always evolving, and it’s not easy to keep up with them; but here’s the thing: you simply need to keep up with HIPAA regulations to avoid non-compliance. HIPAA violations happen all the time – and fines range from $100 to […]

Ransomware Coming Disguised as a Windows 10 Update

It’s common knowledge that cybercriminals work quickly; they pay close attention to the IT world and hunt for vulnerabilities to prey on, or new software to use as a disguise for their attacks. With the release of Microsoft’s Windows 10 last month, malware developers and other scam artists were quick to use it to their […]

The Complete Guide to Upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10

Upgrading To Windows 10?  Follow these basic steps. Microsoft released its windows 10 operating system, and for the most part, the release went off without a hitch, but some people have been unable to update or activate their new OS. We are going to go over how to avoid these problems if you have yet […]

Standardize technology for greater business efficiency.

You can purchase a multitude of technologies off the shelves of major stores, and sure, all of them might work – for the time being, but in the long run, the cost of not having standardized technology leads to high support costs, more incompatibility issues, and worse, inability to access vital systems necessary for workers […]

Windows 10 Fake Email Threat Warning

Emails Linking to a “Windows 10 Upgrade” Actually Encrypts Your Files and Forces You to Pay a Ransom to Get Them Back Windows 10 was recently released, exciting the many Microsoft users who were eager to wash out the bad taste that Windows 8 left in their mouths… but this much-anticipated release has attracted some […]

Improve Your Business Operations With Microsoft EMS

Our team of professional IT support analysts are always looking for the best and most effective ways to help our clients improve their operations. We know that Microsoft is constantly innovating when it comes to technology for businesses – with their Enterprise Mobility Suite, you gain a host of benefits designed to help you overcome your […]

Protect Your Business Against Threats to Confidential Data Stored on Mobile Devices

As business apps and the use of mobile devices become more of a standard in the workplace today, companies need to be aware of the inherent risks involved. Hacker-made fake apps and compromised personal mobile devices can be detrimental to the security of corporate and private information, so to keep safe, the risks need to […]

The Apple Watch Selling Faster Than Tablets and Phones

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the Apple Watch has sold faster than any other original iteration of their mobile devices yet. Cook explained this week that, despite not reporting specific numbers yet, the new wearable Apple device has sold more units in a shorter time than both the first iPod and iPad, which was […]

Urgent Notice: Hackers Could Hijack Your Vehicle Right Off the Road!

Driving a Chrysler Vehicle? Install This Patch Immediately! Chrysler is striving to turn the traditional automobile into a smart, connected device – and although it’s an innovative, exciting concept, there’s a significant downfall. Chrysler’s UConnect system, which has been installed into cars since the end of 2013, is an Internet-connected feature that controls entertainment and […]

Samsung’s Latest Tablet: Galaxy Tab S2 the Thinnest and Lightest Yet!

On July 20 Samsung announced their brand new Galaxy Tab S2, claiming it to be the “thinnest and lightest tablet of its size ever”. While portability has been a priority in mobile devices since the times of two-hand Wall Street cell phones, an impressively small weigh-in isn’t all that the Tab S2 offers: Measurements Customers […]

Are You Ready for Windows 10?

It’s Almost Upgrade Time – Windows 10 Is Just Around The Corner! With the latest upgrade to Windows, you benefit from a wide host of features designed to improve every facet of your business. On July 29, with the release of Windows 10, Microsoft is providing reliable and innovative software that will improve your productivity […]

Microsoft Releases Emergency Patch for a Dangerous Vulnerability in Windows

Security researchers from Google’s Project Zero and FireEye have discovered a critical flaw in various versions of Windows, and Microsoft has released an emergency out-of-band patch to deal with the situation. In a statement of advisory on Monday (July 20), Microsoft informed customers about the issue, warning that the vulnerability could “allow remote code execution […]

5 Tips to Leverage the Full Power of your Google Chromecast

You might think that because of its low price, Google’s Chromecast doesn’t have a whole lot to offer. You would be wrong, though. With a compact size and affordable rate, the Chromecast does a whole lot more than just stream your YouTube and Netflix videos. By really getting to know your device, you unlock a […]

Cyber Attackers NEVER Take Vacation

Just Because You are Ready to Relax, It Doesn’t Mean You Can Let Your Guard Down! Most people take vacations during the summer months, but unfortunately, that doesn’t include cyber attackers who plan to take advantage of those relaxing and letting their guard down. If you’re getting ready to relax, that is fine, but don’t […]

Outsourcing vs. In-House: Do You Really Need an Internal IT Guy?

Many businesses start out handling various aspects of their business, including information technology, on their own, however, once you start growing and hiring more staff members, you need to focus on other areas of the company, including the following: Marketing your products and/or services Establishing trusting relationships with clients Handling new business opportunities coming in […]

IT for Revenue

Companies like yours are investing in IT, however, poorly executed or under-planned tasks waste money. In contrast, those that plan and execute accurately get returns from their investments year after year. How can you do the same? It all starts with recognizing how IT increases the value within your company. Here are 3 valuable processes […]

Hiring New Staff Members?

Here’s 3 Reasons Those Newcomers Put Your Data at Risk! When we bring new staff members on-board, we often think about the talents they have, the skill-sets they bring, and the bright new perspectives they offer; but what we don’t think about is the data security risks that come alongside those great benefits associated with […]

What is Microsoft Intune?

With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft is finally embracing the BYOD trend by introducing Microsoft Intune. Cloud-based services give employees the freedom and mobility to get work done wherever it’s most convenient, reflecting the way many businesses operate today. According to an IT Impact Report from CEB: 1 out of 3 employees are completely […]

How to Conquer the Email Mountain

Email! What would we do without this incredible and wonderful form of communication? But, there’s a dark side to email which threatens to dampen your productivity. Email can also be incredibly time consuming and absorbs your time like an insatiable sponge because it distracts you from the work that needs to be done. Every time […]

Does IT Save You Money?

If your information technology isn’t saving you money, it’s time to change the way you leverage IT to cut costs and skyrocket revenue growth! Information technology can support the value creation processes of your organization, but first, you must know what value is: there are two types of value sources within your company – those […]

Does Your IT Provider Support Your Business’ Teleworkers & Telecommuting?

  Acapella Technologies provides the right solutions for all of your employees including your teleworkers. The key to that is a combination of security, technology, and support. The annual survey last year by the Society for Human Resource Management found a greater increase in the number of companies planning to offer telecommuting in 2014 than those […]

Poor Email and Messaging Habits Cost Companies a Fortune Each Year

On average, the typical employee loses approximately 2.1 hours of productivity each day due to interactions and disruptions. According to research studies, constant email alerts interrupt workflow and decrease levels of productivity and creativity. And, the same can be said for instant messages and cell phones, which divide workers’ attentions between the endless notifications and […]

A Security Breach WILL Leave Your Small Business Riddled in Debt

Let Acapella Technologies Help You Stay Safe Against Internal and External Attacks! The number of cyber attacks aimed at businesses of any size grows exponentially every year. In fact, hundreds of thousands of small businesses lose vital information each and every day – and more often than not, those small businesses end up riddled in debt […]

Do you have an appreciation for Information Technology?

You should respect and appreciate IT, because a secure network is the only thing protecting you from threats that have the potential to put you out of business. That sounds dramatic, but it’s true. Just one online security breach could cause enough damage to shut you down for good. There were over 300 million new […]

Is Your IT Network As Secure As Your Trash? Probably Not.

You probably have a locked trash shredder in your office for those files that need to be kept for your eyes only. Your employees take faxes or documents with your sensitive corporate data, feed them into the locked shredder, and eventually call a specialized company to properly dispose of the contents. It’s safe, it’s clean, […]

The Top 4 Technology Questions Business Leaders Must Focus On

Your role as a business leader, whether you’re the CEO or President of the company, has some unique focus areas. These unique focus areas include concentrating on and ensuring the implementation of a strategic technology plan in a way that helps you achieve business goals and objectives. Here are the top 4 technology questions some […]

Are You Ready for Microsoft Windows 10 or Will You Be Watching from the Sideline?

Windows 10 Promises To Be Something Awesome…Will your company make the switch? Many companies became a bit skittish about using Windows after the problems encountered with Windows 8 and subsequent design overhauls. Sales suffered because some corporate users weren’t pleased, and sought alternatives. Other users were even less happy when Microsoft ceased supporting Windows XP, […]

Does IT Comply With Your Standards?

This article will show you how to hack into a network from inside the office, outside on the wireless and even break into your car.   If it’s that easy, what are you doing to protect yourself and your company? So how do you ensure that your IT complies with your security standards? Controlled flexibility […]

Data is Your Company Currency: Protecting Your Livelihood

An investment company came into the office early Monday morning and all their data was gone.  The computers would not boot up, the screens were black. Company bank accounts and most employee’s bank accounts were emptied.  Customer accounts had been transferred out of their control.  Within a month, they were out of business.  Twenty-eight people […]

Only 3% of Data Loss Occurs Due to Natural Disaster… 97% Happens Because of Employees!

You’ve heard data loss horror stories before… but do you know how many ways data loss can occur? So many businesses still believe they’re not targets for cybercrime. Why spend money on solutions for something that’s not likely to happen? 86% of companies experience data loss! Think you’re not at risk? Think again! Here’s just […]

Start-Up Companies Beware: Hackers Put YOU at the Top of Their List

Every business owner has seen the recent big name hacks of the U.S. Government, banks, and large retail companies. But many smaller start-up companies seem to be of the mindset that they are too small for a hacker to bother with them, and don’t take security to the level they need to protect their business. […]

8 Awesome Tech Gifts to Give Dad on Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re stumped about what to buy, then think tech! Everyone loves gadgets, so why not get him that new tech toy that’s both practical and fun to use? There are plenty of choices out there and something for just about every budget – from as low as […]

How to Look into the Future and Make Sure You’re Happy With Your IT Support

4 Questions to Ask Prospective Managed IT Service Companies Choosing a managed service provider (MSP) isn’t easy. You’ve got a few options to choose from, and they’re all making the same promises. They all say they’re responsive, proactive, cost-cutting, productivity-boosting… and there are indeed MSPs that are out there and can honestly claim those glowing […]

The Cloud: 4 Reasons Cloud Services Are Taking the Modern Business World by Storm!

Syntax reports those who move apps to the cloud save 21% per year! Every business today needs to have confidence in their technology. The bottom line is that cloud computing is essential for any company which relies on technology to function efficiently and wants to stay ahead of their competition. Cloud services have been around […]

3 Tips to Keep Malware Out of Your Business Network

Malware is a threat to everyone, whether you’re a business as big as Target or a local mom and pop-style store. The financial consequences of a malware infection can be devastating, especially if data loss is involved. The numbers don’t lie: recovering from an attack will cost you an average of $150 per compromised file, […]

Factory Reset Feature on 500 Million Android Phones Fundamentally Flawed, Does Not Erase Data

Getting rid of an unwanted mobile device isn’t as easy as getting rid of an unwanted file on your computer. It would be convenient if you could just click a button and delete your old phone (maybe that’s next on Google’s plate), but for now it takes a little more effort to get rid of […]

Recovering from Just One Cyberattack Could Cost You Over A Million Dollars

That’s Why Your Accounting Firm Needs A Secure Remote Access Solution Fall victim to a cyberattack and you’ll find that the following cleanup is incredibly costly. It costs businesses an average of $150 per compromised file to recover from a security breach. All right, $150 isn’t worth worrying about… but thousands of files are usually […]

Who Else Wants A Better IT Provider?

Do you hate your current IT service provider? Do feel like it would be a headache to change providers? Do you want to avoid high-pressure sales calls from new providers? In a recent survey taken by the Small Business Research Institute, over 74% of business owners who had considered changing IT providers in the last […]

Your IT Company Should Know These Secrets About Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is relatively easy to understand, in theory. It’s easy for an IT company to sit across from you and promise that if you implement data warehousing, all of your problems will be solved. But does your IT company really understand data warehousing? And furthermore, can they vocalize the core benefits to you intelligently? […]

Outsourcing IT Support For Your Accounting Firm?

Here’s how to tell which MSP you’ll be happy with a year from now before you even sign a contract: When you’re initially looking into outsourcing IT support for your accounting firm, the problem you’ll run into is that all of your options look the same on paper. It’s tempting to just flip a coin, […]

Avoid Death By Meetings: 9 Ways to Make Meetings More Productive

How often do you have to sit through a company meeting? Once a week? Once a day? Once an HOUR? Businesses today are suffering from Death by Meetings – too many meetings that just don’t accomplish anything! Recent research has shown that most business leaders spend more than 60% of their time in meeting after […]

I Didn’t Want to Download That!

The Bloatware Bundling Issue and What You Can Do About It 3rd party apps will enhance your Windows experience. We’re not trying to disparage Microsoft:  Internet Explorer is a decent browser, and Office is an excellent product suite. But the 3rd party community gives you more options, and often those other options are superior. How […]

5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Evernote Without Paying a Penny!

Organization is the key to keeping your business at its best, but that’s always easier said than done, right? There are so many tools out there that claim to help us keep all the little things that come up in the course of daily business filed and organized, but too many people just have no […]

Accounting Firms Can Benefit from Cloud Computing

To celebrate Accounting Day, here is a look at how moving to cloud-based computing could benefit your firm. May 18 Is Accounting Day.  Are Your IT Systems In Order? There is a good reason why cloud computing is on the rise. Firms moving to the cloud can realize significant savings on hardware acquisition and maintenance; […]

Malware Infections Continue to Grow

Malware infections are on the rise. A report that was done by PandaLabs found that there were twice as many malware infections in 2014 compared to the year before. What’s even worse? 2015 will likely seen that number increase again. Who’s Affected? There were plenty of security stories making headline news in 2014. CryptoLocker was […]

Google is Punishing Websites That Don’t Cater to Mobile Devices

A major update came from Google this week – its mobile search algorithm has changed the way websites are ranked when users make searches from their phones. Now, the algorithm will favor mobile-friendly websites. What does that encompass? Large text Easy-to-click links Sites that resize to fit whatever screen they’re viewed on This means a […]

3 Ways You’ll Win the War Against Your Email Inbox

When you’re trying to stay organized there’s nothing worse than an untidy inbox. And even the most organized professionals have trouble keeping their email in check – whether you’re in the office or relaxing at home after hours, the messages don’t stop coming. How many emails are usually waiting each time you check your inbox? […]

Phishing Scams Are On the Rise – Use These Tips to Keep Your Business Safe

Most IT companies aren’t talking to their clients enough about how to avoid phishing scams. Yes, malware and other online attacks are dangerous, but unlike most of those, phishing scams are hard to detect and directly target you and your employees smartly disguised as an offer or urgent email. Once a cybercriminal has obtained your […]

New Urgent Patch for Windows Critical Vulnerability

Are you keeping up with critical system updates to ensure your business stays protected? Microsoft has released a patch for a critical vulnerability in the Windows HTTP protocol stack. Known as HTTP.sys, it could have disastrous consequences once it’s publicly exploited. The latest bulletin features four critical updates issued by Microsoft. They warn that exploiting […]

5 New iPhone Apps You Need to Take Note Of!

Hundreds of new iPhone apps pop up every week, so it can be tough to figure out which ones you should be paying attention to. When you’re looking for apps to help out with business processes, there’s a lot on the market. We’ve broken down some of the newest and most useful apps that you […]

Pin This! 7 Ways To Improve Sales and Interest with Pinterest

Have you used Pinterest for business yet? If not, you might be missing out on an entire audience for your brand. Pinterest is a social platform built around sharable images – opportunities for shopping come sleekly disguised as recipes, DIY projects and a whole lot of photos of puppies. For consumers it’s a place to […]

Tech Tips! Use Your iOS Device to Setup and Control Apple TV!

Technology is all about making your life easier, and Apple loves to create connectivity between their devices. Now you can use your iOS 7 device to set up Apple TV, and all you need to do is follow a simple steps. First you need to connect your Apple TV to your television set and turn […]

Government Security Compliance is Getting Easier and More Effective

Security compliance is no joke – it means protecting your livelihood and ensuring that your clients or customers always feel safe doing business with you. The Department of Homeland Security’s mission is to protect the privacy of citizens, and with Ongoing Authorization there are new ways to make quick, informed decisions regarding system security. The […]

Considering Purchasing the Apple Watch? 8 Security Issues to Think About

The recently released Apple Watch has sparked a lot of debate as to whether or not it’s really a smart or necessary purchase. Despite its sleek look and some interesting features, the capabilities don’t seem to really warrant a buy. Even more, there are a few security issues that you should definitely take note of […]

Why Is Earth Day So Important For Local Businesses?

Are You Planning Anything Special On April 22? Earth day is just around the corner! Is your IT team doing all they can to give you the best service while also helping the environment? It’s easier than you think. On Wednesday, April 22 the world celebrates Earth day – a time to reflect on what […]

Easy Steps You Can Take for Better Password Management

Have you ever considered using password management tools? They can help to erase the hassle of remembering passwords and also keep your accounts safer than ever. Dashlane is a good example of a useful management tool, and it also offers advanced features such as auto-fill, so you don’t have to type the same information in […]

Not Backing Up Your Business IT Systems Is Not Something To Fool Around With

Over half of today’s organizations STILL don’t have a backup solution that protects their data, keeps their reputation intact, and allows employees to feel secure about the future. April Fools Day is just around the corner, a time for jokesters to fool around and trick you into falling on your face. But not all jokes […]

Malware Alert! Email Scam Hitting Businesses – How to Recognize the Attack

ANOTHER MAJOR MALWARE ALERT TARGETING LOCAL BUSINESS FAKE INVOICE EMAIL CONTAINS DAMAGING PAYLOAD There’s malware going around right now that could have disastrous effects on your business. Reports are coming in about people receiving a fake invoice email containing a ZIP attachment – and not surprisingly, what it contains could be extremely damaging to your entire […]

Facebook is Tracking Your Every Move! How You Can Put a Stop To It

Is Facebook Following You Around The Internet? You may have noticed that you’re being followed – you look at a product once online and then that same product or similar ones pop up in ads on every other site you visit. That’s not a coincidence. You’re being tracked, and most of the times many people […]

5 Tips and Tricks to Take Advantage of When Using Microsoft Access

We’ve said it before – if your technology isn’t helping you to streamline work, it’s not doing its job. Tools and solutions provided by your IT company should not only be improving the quality of your output, but also making your day-to-day workload a bit easier. When you’re using Microsoft Access to complete tasks, there […]

URGENT VIRUS WARNING: New Windows Virus Targeting Your Banking and Other Sensitive Data!

There’s breaking news about a dangerous new virus that your business absolutely needs to take notice of. Security researchers at Doctor Web found a bug that can execute a “wide range of destructive actions” on any device it manages to infect. Known as BackDoor.Yebot the malware can basically turn your computer into a zombie server […]

Are You Taking Advantage of Every Available Tax Deduction? Find Out How!

Tax season can be stressful, and that’s why many people try to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. Are you rushing through your returns and not taking advantage of every available deduction? Small business owners are willing to pay their share, sure, but getting back all the money you’re entitled to […]

Where Can My Business Turn For A Cyber Security Audit?

Getting the feeling that your data isn’t being properly protected? Cyber Attacks And Hacking Attempts Are Up Over 48%. Every Business Is At Risk!  Even Yours! That’s a pretty scary thought, especially considering todays constantly-evolving technology. Cybercriminals are getting smarter and smarter, and when you’re dealing with running a business it can be hard to […]

Do You Consider Yourself Lucky You Haven’t Had a Security Breach Yet?

Every time you turn on the news or check a blog, it’s the same story – another data breach. Companies need more protection now than ever, because hackers are getting smarter, and you rely on technology every day to keep your business afloat. If you’ve stayed safe so far you should consider yourself lucky. But […]

Acapella Technologies Attends a Business Roundtable Discussion at Altos Marketing in Bedford, NH!

Staying Ahead of the Latest News in New Hampshire to Better Serve Businesses! On Wednesday, February 11th, 2015, Acapella Technologies attended a 45-minute business roundtable discussion at Altos Marketing in Bedford, NH. During the roundtable discussion, Rick Perry, Former Texas Governor, discussed various topics that truly matter to business leaders – from job creation to […]

Using YouTube as a Business Tool – How to Embed External Links

YouTube may seem like a hub for a whole lot of silly videos, but have you ever thought of using it as a business tool? YouTube has an annotation feature which allows you to insert links to other videos on the site, though it’s not possible to embed external links. There is a way to […]

Microsoft is Pulling the Plug on Internet Explorer

RIP Microsoft Internet Explorer – Microsoft Is Killing You Off! At its peak, Internet Explorer accounted for 95% of website visits – as of today, about 1 in 4 web users still call it their browser of choice. But Microsoft has announced that after 19 years, they’re gradually going to end support for IE. From […]

Are You One Of The Lucky Ones Who Haven’t Had A Security Breach?

Does St. Patrick’s Day have you feeling lucky? We hate to burst your bubble, but luck just isn’t enough when it comes to protecting your business. If you’re not prepared when there’s a breach in your security, you’ll face downtime, lost wages, and diminished trust with your clients. Companies need more protection now than ever, […]

Acapella Technologies Welcomes New Operations Manager

As a top IT services company in Southern NH and Northeastern Massachusetts, Acapella Technologies strives to hire the best – and only the best – to join our team in an effort to serve businesses throughout the area. On February 16th, 2015, Tina Lemay joined our team as an Operations Manager. She will be responsible […]

5 Reasons Why You Have To Upgrade From Small Business Server 2003

Have you been speaking with your IT company about the end of support for Windows Small Business Server 2003? If not, you’re cutting it close. Microsoft is set to discontinue support for its Windows Server 2003 in just a few short months, and your small business needs to be prepared and get ready to upgrade. […]

Microsoft’s Recent Patch Tuesday Update KB3033929 Causing Frustrating Reboot Loop for Windows Users!

On March 10th, 2015, Microsoft released its Patch Tuesday updates, which happened to be one of the biggest sets of updates lately, including KB3033929 amongst various other security-related updates. Unfortunately, many Windows 7 users have noticed the KB3033929 update causing a reboot loop, wherein the device unexpectedly restarts; causing frustration and disruption for the user. […]

Attention Apple Users: Exciting New Features Coming to Microsoft’s Office 2016 for Mac – Download the Preview for FREE!

For quite some time, PC users have enjoyed various great features and functionalities in Microsoft’s Office 365 that you haven’t been able to take advantage of, however, that’s about to change as new features and functionalities, including Mac-only features, will be released for Apple users! Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft’s Office 365 Client […]

6 Tips Every Microsoft Excel User Must Know

Technology is here to help improve the way we work – to streamline tasks, improve quality of work, and generally make things a little bit easier. Working with Microsoft Excel is a big part of business today, whether you’re crunching numbers, organizing tasks or simply storing information. What if you could make the experience even […]

Does Your IT Company Meet Your PCI Compliance Requirements?

If you accept credit cards, you must be compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standard.  But it’s not just you and your staff that have to adhere to these rules. Compliance also extends to the companies or individuals that maintain your IT systems. Why? They have potential access to your customers’ private […]

Just Because You Haven’t Experienced a Cyber Attack Yet Doesn’t Mean You’re Safe From Cybercrime!

It Means You’ve Been LUCKY! But You Can’t Count on Luck Forever! Schedule Your FREE Security Assessment With Us to Protect Your Business and Your Livelihood Before It’s Too Late! The news is full of stories about companies like Chick-fil-A, Sony, and JP Morgan Chase losing valuable data in a cybercrime attack. But it’s not […]

You NEED to Know About This Dangerous Virus Infecting Computers & Stealing Data!

Crypto Virus 3.0 Continues to Infect Computers & Encrypt Files! Crypto Virus 3.0 is a dangerous, updated version of the ransomware virus that is infecting and damaging computers everywhere. Like Crypto 2.0, the bug encrypts your files and data and then demands a ransom of $500 in Bitcoins to get your information back. Unfortunately, those […]

WAY More Vulnerabilities in Apple and Linux Operating Systems than Windows!

Apple is typically thought of as having the leading operating system for security, so this might surprise you – Windows is not only more secure than Linux, but also Apple’s iOS and OS X. Oddly, Windows has been constantly mocked for its supposed abundant security flaws. The National Vulnerability Database did a study which sought […]

The Top 5 Reasons Your Company Needs to Upgrade from Windows Server 2003 Today

Microsoft recently announced that they will be ending support of Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. If your company is still using Windows Server 2003, here are five reasons why you need to upgrade today: No More Updates After July 14, Microsoft will no longer release updates for Windows Server 2003. This means that […]

Online Safety – Tips to Keep your Money, Reputation & Identity Protected!

Working online provides us countless benefits – from easy communications with family and friends and seamless collaboration between employees, speed, easy management of tasks… the list goes on and on. But with all of those benefits come risks, and not knowing how to manage your online presence can be incredibly dangerous. We type our information […]

Is This Good or Bad? Net Neutrality Protected in FCC Vote!

What Does This Mean for YOUR Business? It’s a topic that’s sparked debate and launched protests, and today a decision has finally been reached. With a 3-2 vote, the Federal Communications Commission approved a policy known as net neutrality. Chances are, you’ve heard of it, but do you know what it means? Closer Regulation of […]

Is Your IT Company Talking to You About Security Vulnerabilities in Your Line of Business Code?

Having a conversational partnership with your IT company is incredibly important to running a fully functional business and staying protected. Does your IT team talk to you regularly about how they’re keeping you safe and the vulnerabilities they find in your system? If your line of business code isn’t correct, they should be letting you […]

Is Your Lenovo Laptop A Ticking Time Bomb Waiting to Go Off?

Make Sure Your Lenovo Laptop Isn’t at Risk From a Newly Discovered Cybercrime Security Threat! If you use a Lenovo laptop, you’re at great risk of being hacked right now. It was recently discovered that Lenovo had recently sold laptops packaged with Superfish adware automatically installed on them. What does that mean? Not only is […]

How to Trick Siri into Using Google Maps

Stuck Using Apple Maps For Directions On Your iPhone?  Here’s How To Dump Apple Maps And Go With Google Maps. It’s relatively well-known that Apple Maps leaves quite a bit to be desired. And when you’re getting Siri to assist with directions, unfortunately, it’s her go-to app. Few people know, though, that it doesn’t have […]

Does Your IT Consultant Talk With You About Data Leakage?

Businesses Today Have A Huge Hole In Their IT Security!  Employees Are Stealing Data Without You Knowing.  How Do You Prevent Data Leakage From Taking Down Your Business? Having an honest and conversational relationship with your IT consultant is essential – if you’re constantly dealing with silence, you’ll never know if or how your system […]

Screen Rotation Issues With Your iPhone?

Getting a grasp on every feature that your iPhone has to offer can be tough, and it’s even more frustrating when simple features like screen rotate aren’t working. Does your phone appear to be stuck in landscape or portrait mode? Are you spinning your phone around so much that it makes you dizzy… and the […]

3 Immediate Signs Your Computer Support Company Isn’t Showing You The Love

Not Happy With The Current Relationship You Have With Your Computer Consulting Company?  Time For A Change! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air. Your IT support company should be making you feel special, paying attention to your needs, and working to be the best partner possible – but chances […]

Excitement For Windows 10 Is Building – Expect Great Things

It’s been a long time coming for the Windows world, and this marks the biggest transformation yet. 1.7 million registered members participated in the Windows Insider Program to assist in making it the best Windows version of all time. With over 1,300 bug fixes already, Windows 10 focuses on delivering greater performance, compatibility and business-friendly […]

Think Only Big-Name Corporations Suffer Data Breaches? Think Again.

The news is full of stories about companies like Anthem, Chick-fil-A, Sony, and JP Morgan Chase losing valuable data in a cybercrime attack. It’s easy to think that these sorts of data breaches happen only to big-name corporations, but that’s just not the case. Small companies are actually MORE likely to be targeted by cybercrime. […]

What Are The Benefits of Managed Services?

A managed service provider, or MSP, is an IT service provider that manages network and computer maintenance for a company. This includes taking care of backups, network monitoring, cloud services, software upgrades and other tasks that keep your systems running effectively. Managed Services are part of a strategic method for improving operations and cutting costs. […]

MASSIVE SECURITY BREACH: 80 Million Anthem Customers At Risk

The nation’s second-biggest health insurance company, Anthem Inc., has suffered a breach leading to as many as 80 million customers having their account information stolen. The company released a statement saying that they were the target of a “very sophisticated external cyber-attack”. The information acquired by hackers includes names, birthdays, medical IDs, Social Security numbers, […]

The Clock is Ticking on Windows Server 2003

Last year, the end of life for Windows XP garnered a ton of attention – unsurprising given how widely it was used by both consumers and corporations. Many were upset by Microsoft’s decision to pull the plug because they were still reliant on apps or hardware that weren’t compatible with Windows 7. Now, almost a […]

Does Your IT Company Help You Understand the Cloud?

A great IT company should help you understand the technology you’re interested in leveraging and make it simpler for you to get started. Your New England IT company should help you understand how the cloud streamlines work and makes data more secure. Whether you’re already working with the cloud or considering making the switch, here are […]

Is Your IT Services Company Talking to You About the end of Support for Windows 2003 Server?

Just a few short months from now, Microsoft will be ending its support of Windows Server 2003. This cutoff won’t leave much time for businesses to update existing systems or facilitate a total transfer of existing work to the cloud. Unfortunately, a very low number of businesses currently operating on Windows Server 2003 have actually […]

Facebook Introduces Call to Action Button for Businesses

Facebook is making business pages even more convenient by officially announcing the introduction of call-to-action buttons. The feature has already been rolled out throughout the U.S and is beginning to become available around the globe. As part of their official announcement Facebook said that 7 possible call-to-action buttons will be available. They include: Contact Us […]

Verizon’s Cookies Are Tracking Your Web Visits Without You Knowing It

Verizon Wireless has been receiving warnings for months from cybersecurity experts stating that they’ve been putting their customers’ privacy at risk. Computer codes used by Verizon to tag and follow their mobile subscribers are leaving them vulnerable to hidden tracking. It’s been reported this month that Turn – an advertising software company – was using […]

Cybercriminals are Lurking On Facebook Waiting to Steal YOUR Data: Watch Out for These 5 Facebook Scams

Over 1.3 billion people log into Facebook every day. Cybercriminals DROOL at the thought of all the scams they could run on even a tiny fraction of the user base. Too many people are eager to click the wrong link and end up downloading malware or leaking sensitive data that opens bank accounts, locks down […]

5 Potential Pitfalls to Watch out for When Selecting Your Next IT Support Company

It’s only natural to be on your toes when hiring your next IT Support Company to come in and protect your information. Are you worried about your data being misplaced or exposed? How about the hidden costs that some companies decide to throw in at the last minute? Or maybe you just don’t know what you […]

Is Computer Network Security Top of the List With Your IT Support Company?

When Was the Last Time You Went through the Computer Network Security Checklist? Computer Network Security isn’t something to take for granted! It’s too easy to think that only big-name corporations like Home Depot or Kmart get attacked by cybercriminals, but the truth is, ANY company can be targeted for a data breach. If you aren’t prepared […]

Why Our Company Makes Sense For Computer Network Support In New England

Looking for the Computer Network Support Company that’s the best fit for your business? Our company makes sense. Why? – Because you’ll have:   The ultimate in system security. Hoping that a disaster will never strike your business is basically asking for trouble – You must account for every type of disaster (manmade or natural). […]

The Snow Is About to Come Down and Come Down Hard! Potentially Historic Blizzard Hitting Us Today.

Are You Prepared To Keep Working? A major blizzard is heading our way. Will your operations continue when your employees can’t get to work? Many businesses across New England aren’t prepared! Every minute lost to a disaster costs in: Wasted payroll dollars. Major expenses to get systems back online. A damaged reputation. A serious hit to your bottom line. Don’t […]

10 Vital Questions to Ask an IT Consulting Company BEFORE Signing a Service Contract!

While there’s a lot of great IT consulting companies out there, there’s a lot of not-so-great ones as well. You’ve probably noticed a common pattern: they make all sorts of promises, then when it comes time to deliver, they’re nowhere to be found, or worse, they’ll take twice as long as needed to resolve issues […]

Flaw Impacts Android Phones

Google’s Not Releasing a Patch! Google made a bold move last month by releasing the details of a security vulnerability before Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday. According to Microsoft, the patch was to be released two days after Google came out with the details. They also stated that google refused to wait the additional 48 hours so […]

5 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Business IT Services Company in Manchester, NH

It can be an incredibly daunting task to choose the business IT services company responsible for handling your information technology, but working with the right business IT services company means that your data is always secure, your employees are able to work at their absolute most efficient, and you never have to worry about losing […]

Breaches, Bugs and New Technology Legislation

The 3 Most Important IT Stories Relevant To Your Business This Week! President Barak Obama called last week for a federal legislation designed to improve communications between American companies that have been affected by data breaches. Alongside the emergence of Thunderstrike and news about Morgan Stanley and, Obama has become the biggest topic of […]

Exclusive: 5 Tips To Take That Slow Computer Frustration Away!

It’s true – it seems the longer you own a computer the slower it becomes. But don’t fret, we have 5 insightful tips for you that make it easy to get some of its speed back. Have you ever felt frustrated, thinking to yourself, “Ah, my computer is slow”? “It used to work fine, but […]

Infographic: 5 Essential Questions To Ask When Searching For A New IT Services Company

When you’re looking for a new IT Services Firm, deciding on a company responsible for providing your businesses IT services and support will be an incredibly important choice. Check out our Infographic on the 5 most essential questions to ask.

Doctors Saying No to Stage 2 of Meaningful Use – What Does it Mean for Your Health Care?

A new survey by Medical Practice Insider finds that 55% of physicians won’t use Stage 2 of Meaningful Use this year, stating that it’s “almost impossible”. Some doctors feel that completing Stage 2 does not in any way improve the care that they can provide for their patients. What is Meaningful Use Stage 2? The […]

Don’t Get Suckered In by Fake Emails Claiming to Be About Your Healthcare!

Be on the lookout for suspicious emails that claim to be from a federal agency – they could be a trap to steal your private information! A new campaign of email phishing attacks has been reported by US-CERT. The subject lines of these emails reference the Affordable Care Act, and they claim to be about […]

Can your employee’s easily share information with one another?

File Sharing & Collaboration Are PROVEN Ways to Get Work Done More Effectively – Is Your Office Making the Most of Technology? With the constant evolution of technology, businesses are continuously finding practices that allow their employees to more efficiently share documents, data, and other vital information with one another. Whether it’s within a single […]

A New, Undetectable Threat to Your Mac – Understanding the Risks of Thunderstrike

Many consumers still assume that Macs are immune to network viruses – this is a common misconception and it’s just not true. There’s a wide array of malware and viruses out there that can affect Mac computers, and the latest one is an especially huge threat: it’s nearly impossible to detect and remove. A New […]

The 5 Most Essential Questions You NEED to Ask When Searching for a New IT Services Firm

When you’re looking for a new IT Services Firm In New England, deciding on a company responsible for providing your businesses IT services and support will be an incredibly important choice. In fact, it’s crucial to guarantee that the provider running your IT is qualified, capable and dedicated to giving you the best support possible. Below […]

7 Facts Why Dropbox Isn’t Safe For Your Company

Although you may be using it at home to store your family photos and other files, Dropbox isn’t a safe solution for your business. However, because so many people use Dropbox for personal use, it has made its way into the office. This is unfortunate because these companies are putting their data at risk in […]

Is Your Business Technology Like Your Old Rabbit Ears Antenna?

Remember the old rabbit ears you’d put on top of your TV to catch a signal? When the game was on, you’d have someone stand next to the television, draping tin foil on the antenna and contorting it into just the right angle to get rid of just a bit more snow in the picture. […]

Infographic: Is Your Business Ready To Switch Out IT Companies? Read this first!

Nobody likes running around, last minute, especially when switching IT companies. It can be a long and tedious process, but once you have everything settled you will be in better shape than you were before. Being prepared is the key to success when switching tech firms – as you don’t want to have setbacks along the way. […]

7 Questions to Ask When Selecting an IT Company

Selecting the right IT company is never as easy task and especially when there are many around you. There are many services the right company will provide: Cloud services, office 365, virtualization, mobile consulting, business continuity and disaster backup and more. All of these services are provided by Acapella Technologies and they are dedicated to your needs. Find […]

Are Your Online Accounts Putting You in Serious Danger?

Creating a username or giving a website your e-mail seems like common practice at this point in the internet age. Online games, company newsletters, downloads, shopping offers, and message boards – nearly everything now requires us to log in and provide a password, e-mail, or even other sensitive information. Given the amount of time we […]

5 Impressive LinkedIn Tips to Help You Market YOUR Business & Start Being Seen as the Industry Leader You Are!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have direct access to thousands, if not millions of valuable connections? LinkedIn offers that – and so much more, whether you’re looking to connect with customers or market your business, it’s truly a social media powerhouse designed to help you reach your marketing goals. Become A LinkedIn Expert Immediately If […]

Your Browser Toolbars and Extensions Can Be Causing You Problems

Have you wondered what toolbars and browser extensions actually do? You would think because they are part of the browser that they are safe, but you could be misled. Toolbars and extensions can make your life easier with all of the quick tools it provides, not to mention ease of access. However, these toolbars and […]


Time is money. Just because it’s a cliché doesn’t mean it’s not true, and your IT should be there to SAVE your time, not WASTE it. But here’s the thing: On Average, Businesses That Handle Their Own IT In-House Lose Over 97 Hours Every Year Because Of IT Downtime. 97 Hours! Add that up not […]

Mobile Apps: 3 Things That Are a Must for Your E-Commerce Business App

Gone are the days when people used to start their laptop to look for things online they need. Now-a-days, they put their hands inside their pocket, unlock their phone, launch specific apps, browse through it and done. There is no denying the fact that if you are owner of an e-commerce chain then you definitely […]

The 5 Most Important ToDo’s for All Android Devices

Having an Android device is like running a computer and, when you get it, you install everything you possibly can. Ever notice that it may be lagging behind or you still need more efficient tools and apps? Stop being frustrated and follow this guide to improving the security and efficiency of your Android device. 1.   […]

Apple Users Take Warning: Download a Critical Security Patch Immediately!

If you’re reading this on an Apple device, sit up and pay attention. A rare security patch has been released by Apple that you need to install right now to protect your systems from hackers. Whether you’re running Yosemite, Mavericks, or Mountain Lion OS X systems, you may be vulnerable to a recently discovered security […]

Why Outsourcing Is Not A Swear Word When It Comes To Technology!

Several misconceptions concerning the trend of outsourcing IT have made it difficult for small business owners to decide whether or not it is truly the best option for their company. In reality, outsourcing provides business owners with a variety of beneficial ways to improve their company and more easily navigate their industry. Acapella Technologies has helped […]

Acapella Technologies Extends a Warm Welcome to Matt Bacon, Systems Engineer, Who Recently Joined Our Team of IT Experts!

Acapella Technologies is pleased to welcome our latest employee, Matt Bacon, who joined our team as a Systems Engineer. Matt’s primary goal is to provide knowledgeable guidance and support while implementing and troubleshooting various technologies for our clients. We truly believe he’ll be extremely beneficial to our company, as well as our clients – working […]

5 Critical Questions to Ask Before You Jump into the Cloud!

It’s no secret: the cloud is a great tool for businesses looking to improve staff productivity, access their data and applications from any location, and often, reduce IT costs significantly; but similar to any investment, there’s a few important questions to ask before jumping in: How does the cloud work? There’s a lot of misconceptions […]

You Could Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars on Technology This Tax Year, But Only if You Act Now

It’s official! The U.S. Senate passed the extension to Section 179 of the IRS tax code, and President Obama signed it into law as of December 19th. That means your business needs to act right now in order to potentially save up to $500,000 on your taxes for 2014. You can read more about the […]

Top 5 Mobile Must Haves for 2015

Entering 2015 behind on your holiday shopping is one thing, but being behind on your mobile tech is another. Having all of your information on hand is essential in today’s society. You never know when you will have to provide a document or edit a basic spreadsheet on the go. To keep you better prepared, […]

You Could Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars on Technology This Tax Year, But Only if You Act Now

The U.S. Senate has passed a major enhancement to Section 179 of the IRS tax code as of Tuesday, December 16! Wait, don’t fall asleep! Sure, we’re talking about the tax code and Congress, but this is GOOD NEWS for businesses in New England. What’s the catch? YOU HAVE TO ACT NOW! You can read more […]

Connect With a Broader Audience for Your Business by Changing How You Deliver Your Message

Every business has an audience, and everyone wants to know how to connect better with them. Knowing what your audience needs to know is important, but so is getting the message to them. It doesn’t matter how it gets there, as long as it does. Here is a brief idea on how rapping your way […]

Top 5 Tips to Solving the Email Problem

Ever review your email in the morning and wonder why there is so much spam coming through? It takes time to differentiate between the emails containing spam, viruses, malware and the ones that are important. There are many ways to set these apart and help kick start the day a bit quicker. Acapella Technologies offers these […]

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Traveling

Everyone hates sitting in traffic, especially when the kids get restless after watching all the movies you brought for them. The last thing you want to think about is how loud the car will get on the long ride to, and from, your destination. Here are some tips and tools for traveling this holiday season. […]

End of Support for Windows Server 2003 – Warning to Upgrade Immediately!

The end of support date for Windows Server 2003 will be July 14, 2015. This means that the operating system will no longer receive updates, security patches, technical support, software and content updates. It will also be prone to malicious infections. Do you operate off of one of the 12 million servers, as of July […]

$150K Fine for Unpatched Software: Don’t Let This Happen to YOUR Healthcare Organization

It’s not every day where you see a $150,000 US fine slapped onto a non-profit organization because of software not being patched. Truth is, they were two years overdue on their updates. This isn’t something to take lightly, it affects 2,700 individuals. History Anchorage Community Mental Health Services (ACMHS) failed to take basic risk assessment […]

6 Groundbreaking Tips to Maintain Productivity in the Office

Over time, you may notice that you are being less productive at work. It’s a common problem and sometimes you need to change things up a bit. Knowing how you work and doing things differently can make all the difference. Here are the top six tips to make you more productive: 1.   Routines and Priorities […]

Scam Artists: Types of Scams and How to Identify Them

Far too many people, daily, find themselves fallen victim to people posing as big corporations saying they have a virus. Truth is, a big corporation won’t contact you by phone, and can’t if they don’t have your phone number. Types of Scams There are various ways scam artists love to infiltrate your device. The top […]

The 4 Major Benefits of the Cloud for your business

Cloud computing really is the way of the future for business information technology. Some companies might call it a fad, but it’s a reliable IT strategy and it’s here to stay. If it’s done right, the payback in reduced expenses, greater productivity, and better client and vendor collaboration can be immense. ANY company of ANY […]

E-Cigarettes Take a Turn Hacking Into Your Computer

You want to move to a less harmful method of smoking, or attempt to quit, so you go out and purchase an e-cigarette (e-cig). The joy of making an investment to save you money, and be nicer to your body, you take your first puff. The joy, ease, and sensation of making a good choice. […]

Tired of Using Your Phone in the Same Old Way? Here’s 4 Tips for Improving Your Android Experience!

So you’ve just purchased an Android phone? Or maybe you’re looking to improve your experience on an existing Android phone? There is a plethora of options you can change and apps you can add to improve your Android experience! Let’s go over 4 simple things you can do to speed up your phone and get […]

Setting Up a New Computer After Black Friday: It’s Not Always Something to Cheer About!

A wonderful time of the year where Black Friday and holiday sales are spreading some cheer. It was such a good sale, you had to run in and grab that new computer for your office! Did you know they don’t come with the necessities loaded on them? Immediate Needs Any new computer needs better software, […]

A Handy Guide to Google’s Best Search Shortcuts to Make YOUR Day More Productive!

There’s more to Google Search than meets the eye. The capabilities of the world’s premier search engine are obscured by its deceptively simple layout: the average user may think that all that changes about Google Search is that for every holiday and birthday of a significant person they’ll put up a custom doodle instead of […]

Who Do You Trust to Handle YOUR Business Information Technology?

Picking a company to help you with all your IT needs can be difficult. Aside from an IT company supporting the software you need to run your business, you need to make sure they can take care of you with ease, talk to you in a way you understand and be able to do so […]

SEO Trend Predictions for 2015: Helping You Stay One Step Ahead of the Ever-Changing Algorithms!

What worked for SEO practices just a couple years ago may not work next year in 2015. Keyword stuffing was once effective, and then search algorithms were changed to prevent this exploitation and it got snuffed. Private link networks are now being decimated by “thin content” penalties. Let’s go over the latest trends in SEO […]

Infographic: Handling Your IT In-house?

The right information systems allow your business to expand quickly and efficiently – simplifying your day-to-day operations and reaching new levels of productivity and profitability; however, if you’re not taking advantage of the right business IT services, your business won’t benefit as much as possible from the world of information technology. Don’t settle for less […]

Urgent: Update Adobe, Now!

After reading this, you will wonder why you didn’t listen to the title in the first place. Adobe Flash is needed on all computers that are connected to the Internet. It provides browsers with the ability to view multimedia, run amazing applications, and stream video and audio. But there’s a problem, and here it is. […]

Businesses Are Dedicating More and More of Their Budgets to IT Expenses: Where Should Your Money Be Going?

Businesses are dedicating more and more of their budgets to IT expenses. With 2015 approaching, you may be wondering how much of your budget should go towards improving your tech infrastructure. And once you’ve figured out how much you can spend on IT, you’ll have to decide how much to invest in each specific area […]

A Shocking 80% of Companies Are Falling Behind Due to Lack of In-House Skills Needed for Cloud Migration!

You hear a lot about the cloud in tech news. But a recent survey of IT directors found that the cloud isn’t exactly catching on like wildfire as the media would have you believe, as least not quite yet in the world of business. That recent survey was conducted by Reconnix, a trading firm that […]

Guard Your Keys: Cyber Locksmiths Present Security Threat To Your Home

How closely do you guard your passwords? Probably pretty well, most of them are likely stored in a little notebook by your desk, or in an encrypted storage program, or even just kept up in a mental rolodex. We’re coming to an understanding that in the digital age the password can be the keys to […]

Urgent Warning: Major Vulnerability Impacting Microsoft Servers Could Allow Hackers to Gain Domain User Account Privileges & Access YOUR Sensitive Information!

A recent vulnerability impacting Microsoft servers could allow hackers to gain domain user account privileges and compromise any computer in the domain! The hacker can essentially impersonate the domain administrator to: Install malicious programs View, change, or delete data Create new accounts Microsoft is aware of limited attacks that have attempted to exploit this vulnerability, […]

Top 4 Fresh & Exciting Services Designed to Simplify the Lives of Business Professionals!

Technology in business is always changing. Pop in a VHS of any 80s movie and you’ll see cell phones the size of bricks and computers with monitors the size of your car! And there was a lot of faxing: as you may have noticed, we rarely fax anything anymore. Even just 10 years ago we […]

Critical Crypto Flaw in Microsoft SChannel Affects All Windows Software: Patch Your Systems ASAP! Don’t Wait Until It’s Exploited!

A few months ago Heartbleed, apparently named after a James Bond villain, was a security bug that made headlines even in major, non-tech focused publications. This well-known bug was a flaw in the OpenSSL cryptography library, which is a layer of security between your computer and the servers of many major online services. Hackers were […]

Can Hackers Really Kill People By Remotely Manipulating Their Medical Devices?

Fans of Showtime’s Homeland are sure to remember one of the peaks of Season 2’s plotline in which (spoiler alert) Brody kills the Vice President of the United States by sneaking into the VP’s bedroom and texting the serial number of the VP’s pacemaker to a faraway terrorist sitting at a computer. With a few […]

Acapella Technologies Provides Managed IT Services to Help a Small Cleaning Company Say Goodbye to a Raft of IT Issues & Move Their Business Forward!

Best of the Best Cleaning & Services Inc. is a cleaning company located in Nashua, NH that provides commercial, industrial, post up, and professional floor services, whether it’s a one-time project or ongoing maintenance, for clients in the New Hampshire and Massachusetts regions. When Best of the Best Cleaning & Services was looking to resolve […]

5 Tips to Help You Experience the Evolution of Microsoft Office for Simplifying Your Workday

Microsoft Office is changing for the better. It has been revolutionized and helps you create the best looking documents, spreadsheets, presentations and advertisements for your business. Microsoft is stepping up and has gone above and beyond your expectations. Here are some tips for using your best office buddy: Modern Designs Take your old, outdated themed […]

Microsoft & DropBox Partner Together to Bring You More Advanced Features & Capabilities: What Does Their Partnership Mean For YOUR Business?

Microsoft announced on Tuesday, November 4th that they will be partnering with Dropbox in a joint effort to corner the document creation and storage market. This partnership has surprised some tech experts, as Microsoft recently boosted their cap on Office 365’s cloud storage space on OneDrive from 1 TB to unlimited storage for as low […]

Does Your Hospital Take Advantage of Managed Wireless Services? If Not, You’re Missing Out on HUGE Bottom-Line Boosting, Life-Saving Benefits!

A more recent development is the establishment of managed wireless systems in hospitals and other healthcare organizations. By managed, we mean these systems are set up and maintained by a third party, because the complexities of human anatomy and physiology are quite enough to worry about without having to work out the complexities of networks […]

Salute To The True Heroes!!!

On this Veterans Day, We would like to invite all of our clients to join us in thanking all the veterans that have so bravely put their lives on the line in defense of our country. When 11am rolls around today, please take a moment to put aside whatever work you’re doing and join us […]

Businesses Handling IT In-House Experience an Average 89 Hours of Downtime Per Year

Switch to Acapella Technologies Business IT Services Instead! The right information systems allow your business to expand quickly and efficiently – simplifying your day-to-day operations and reaching new levels of productivity and profitability; however, if you’re not taking advantage of the right business IT services, your business won’t benefit as much as possible from the world […]

Best Travel Sites for your Holiday Season travels

This world has managed yet another revolution and the holidays are is here again with its sappy evergreens in your living room and sappy songs on the radio to match. That means that peak travel season is here again as well. Let’s go over which travel sites will keep you jolly with the best mix of […]

5 Important Security Steps To Make Your Web Browser More Secure

Sometimes surfing the web is more like clinging to a piece of driftwood over shark-infested waters than it is relaxing on a boogie board off some warm island paradise. Every single day 20,000 to 30,000 new malicious URLs pop up, and some of those are taking over sites that were once safe. Here are 5 […]

What Day is the Best to Buy Airline Tickets? The Answer May Surprise You.

Whether you’re going away for the holidays, summer vacation, spring break, or a business trip, it’s never too early to start planning your next trip, which includes planning when to purchase airline tickets. Similar to anyone who travels quite a bit, you’re already aware that the prices on some tickets might make you want to […]

Microsoft Quarterly Reports Indicate that the Age of the Surface is Rapidly Approaching

Microsoft reports a US$908 Million increase in revenue from sales of its third generation tablet product. After 2013’s US$900 Million “inventory adjustment” for the Surface RT, this boom in sales is causing Microsoft to gain ground in the highly competitive tablet market. Microsoft cites the June release of the Surface Pro 3 as a primary […]

Section 179 Can Augment YOUR Buying Power on Technology Investments!

Section 179 of the IRS tax code can allow your business to deduct technology investments to recoup some or all of the cost. It is a provision that allows you to expense the cost of qualified technology investments rather that depreciate. Here’s how it works: Most small business owners are eligible to write off up […]

Coming Up This Weekend: Turn Your Clocks Back One Hour!

Daylight Savings Time will end this year on Sunday, November 2, 2014. Aside from the extra hour of sleep and the evening commute in darkness little will change for the business world. Almost all technological devices – from the smartphone whose alarm you depend on to your workstation computer, should automatically update its internal clock […]

Ransomware Infects 830,000 Victims Via Advertisements – YOUR Data WILL be at Risk Unless You Follow These Vital Tips!

Your sensitive data is the foundation of your business, but unfortunately, your data is constantly at risk – from natural disasters to human errors to malicious intent, many businesses have experienced some form of data loss; and the latest form of ransomware strives to steal and encrypt as much data as possible. Introducing CryptoWall 2.0: […]

The Secret Key to Turning Clients into Loyal Fans

The transactional relationship is the norm in business: sales pitches and purchase orders, tender for services rendered. We all know the rhythm, we all sing along with the tune. It is the basis for most business models, and it is rare for an organization to elevate itself beyond relating to its customers as just that, […]

600,000 Computers Infected in 6 Months – CryptoWall is on the Rise & YOUR Business Might Be Next!

CryptoWall, a dangerous form of ransomware that’s similar to CryptoLocker, infiltrates users’ computers and encrypts their files, then demands a ransom fee for the decryption key. So how does the ransomware infect computers? Well, there’s a few ways: Spam emails with malicious links/attachments. Drive-by download attacks from infected websites. Various other forms of malicious activity. […]

Get Ahead of the Curve with These Basic Tips for Microsoft’s Least Understood Tool

Microsoft Excel is a tool most of us use but few of us truly understand. From client lists to call sheets, purchase orders to audits, almost every business person has some use for the data management tool that is Excel. Here are six basic tips that can help you get around Excel with greater efficiency […]

The Average Business Loses 4.7% of Their Annual Revenue to Information Technology Downtime

Stop Wasting YOUR Hard Earned Profit & Let Us Stop IT Issues Before Disruption Occurs! Do you find yourself getting distracted by day-to-day technology issues? Whether they’re minor or major, technology issues can seriously disrupt your workflow; and far too often, businesses struggle with persistent IT issues that hold them back; bringing their productivity and […]

Attention Shoppers: Yet Another Major Company is in the Midst of a Data Breach

Keep Track of Your Financial Statements If You’ve Shopped at Staples Lately! It seems like every time we read or watch the news, another major company is in the midst of a data breach – from Target to Michaels to Home Depot, and unfortunately, Staples can officially be added to the list! The popular retailer […]

It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month! Have YOU Reviewed Your Security Measures & Online Habits Yet?

In the modern business world, we spend more time online than ever before, whether we’re shopping, planning vacations, using social media, or staying in touch via email with our clients and colleagues. In fact, our personal information, including financial and healthcare information, is often sent and received online via email, web based applications, or remote […]

Urgent Notice – Must Read Virus Warning: Cryptowall is on the Rise

Your Anti-Virus Software & Firewalls WON’T Protect Your Machines Against this Dangerous Type of Ransomware! Ransomware has quickly become a huge threat to businesses of all types and sizes. Not sure what ransomware is all about? Allow us to explain: ransomware is a form of malware that infects machines, then encrypts all of the files […]

Information Systems Failure Will Cost Your Law Firm A Whopping $3000 Per Hour!

STOP THROWING AWAY YOUR HARD EARNED REVENUES BECAUSE YOUR COMPUTER NETWORK WAS SETUP BY SOMEONE THAT DIDN’T KNOW WHAT THEY WERE DOING!  Simple enough!   Don’t Worry!  Your IT experts are here.  We will fix that horrible IT network you have and put everything right. You Can Maintain Your Good Reputation & High Profitability With Reliable […]

Are you sick and tired of dealing with IT vendors who don’t meet your expectations or try to upsell you?

Are you overwhelmed with the time and hassle associated with procuring hardware and software at a reasonable price? Fortunately, there’s no need to worry! Acapella Technologies provides IT management services to help you eliminate technology-related headaches! To learn more, give us a call at (603) 647-1784 or send us an email at When you’re looking to invest […]

Have You Applied These Critical Microsoft, Adobe & Oracle Updates to Protect Your Computer Network? Apply Them IMMEDIATELY or Become the Next Victim of Hackers!

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday updates have been released – a total of nine updates and three of them are rated critical to address various issues in IE and all versions (6 through 11) of Windows. If you haven’t updated your PCs and applied these patches, you’re at risk for becoming victim to serious vulnerabilities that allow […]

Acapella Technologies Hires a New Help Desk Technician, Gary Cupak, to Serve Our Clients More Effectively!

Acapella Technologies, a leading Manchester, NH Information Technology support company serving businesses in Southern New Hampshire and Northeastern Massachusetts, strives to grow our team with skilled and knowledgeable individuals who share our common goal: effectively serving our clients and promoting their business success through the effective use of information technology. In an effort to maintain […]

Shopped at Kmart Recently? Better Check With the Bank To Make Sure You Haven’t Been Hacked!

Kmart, one of the country’s largest discount retailers with over 1,300 stores nationwide, reported over the weekend that they were the latest target for cyber criminals. Kmart confirmed that their payment data system was “purposely” infected with a new type of malware that allows a hacker to steal customers’ credit card and debit card information. […]

How To Clear Your Print Queue In No Time Flat!

There is nothing more frustrating than being pressed for time and your printer jams. Of course, it always happens when you have a very important deadline looming. Murphy’s Law is cruel, after all. You run over to the printer, clear out the jammed paper, and think you are in the clear. Wait, nothing is coming […]

Want An Amazing Calendar For Your Smartphone?

The Sunrise Calendar is the best calendar available. Period. The iPhone’s basic calendar is fine, don’t get us wrong, and if all you’re looking for is something to remind you about that dentist appointment, you need look no further. But it doesn’t go above and beyond the normal call of duty. If you want something […]

Staying On Top Of the Latest Web Articles Is Now Free!

Did you say free? That’s always a word that’s worth looking into if it comes from someone you trust. Keeping up with the news or articles online can be pretty challenging these days, especially if you want a balanced approach by reading from multiple sources. Creating bookmarks or sending yourself an email with the subject […]

Don’t Make the Same Mistake as One Nashville Top Hotel When It Comes to Wi-Fi

If you haven’t heard the news about The Gaylord Opryland Marriott Hotel in Nashville and the little bit of trouble they recently got into with the FCC, read on. Anyone who uses WI-FI in their business or accesses it on the go (and really, who doesn’t these days?) can learn from their mistake. According to […]

Is Your Data Really Safe in the Cloud? Our Cloud Security Experts Address All of Your Cloud Security Concerns!

The cloud enables you and your staff members to store and access data and applications over the Internet, as opposed to storing and accessing data and applications via your computer’s hard drive. As businesses around the world are using the cloud more than ever before, many business owners are wondering what it’s all about. When […]

Important Warning: Shellshock Strikes Yahoo Servers – Potentially Putting 800 Million Users’ Data at Risk!

In the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard some pretty scary news about Shellshock, the vulnerability that impacts “bash” software. According to some security researchers, Shellshock could potentially be more dangerous than Heartbleed, the open/SSL bug that posed a huge threat to businesses a few months ago! So how does the vulnerability work? That’s simple: […]

Stern Warning From HIPAA Enforcer – Conduct Your Risk Analysis Or Else!

The feds are coming, and they might be coming for you. That’s right, the federal regulators overseeing the healthcare industry in the United States are ramping up their HIPAA enforcement activities including their soon-to-be-relaunched COMPLIANCE AUDITS. The feds want medical clinics and business associates to heed this warning. Conduct your risk analysis and assessments or […]

Have You Heard The Latest From Microsoft? Time for a Surprise!

Windows 10. Yes, you heard that right. Windows 10! Are you thinking the same thing we’re thinking? “What happened to Windows 9? Wait, Windows 8 just came out not that long ago…” No worries: we are several months, if not a couple of years away from Windows 10 becoming something you need to be thinking […]

Is Your Internet Browser Going BERserk?

Are you using Chrome or Firefox to browse the Internet? If so, IMMEDIATELY make sure you’ve got the latest updates for these Internet browsers. Why? A very dangerous security flaw has been identified that lets hackers and malware skip over the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) of Google Chrome and Firefox. SSL is widely used security […]

72.4% of Law Offices Have Adopted the Use of Cloud Computing to Better Serve Their Clients!

Has Your Law Office Fallen Behind? Acapella Technologies Helps You Leverage Cloud-Based Technologies to Improve Your Practice! Do you think your law firm can stay competitive without adopting innovative technologies? If so, think again! In the modern legal industry, law firms simply can’t afford to take the time to write and file information in a folder, then […]

Caution: Watch Out for Shellshock, the Latest Vulnerability That’s Spreading Rapidly!

Could Potentially Be More Dangerous Than the Infamous Heartbleed! A major vulnerability, CVE-2014-6271, has been spreading rapidly and impacting a wide range of businesses. CVE-2014-6271, also known as “shellshock,” impacts “bash” software, which is used in most business computers. According to some researchers, shellshock could potentially be more dangerous than heartbleed, the open/SSL bug that […]

Who Is Using YOUR Wireless Network?

Do you know how many users are tapped into your wireless network right now? How about when you’re not around? The fact is that many small business owners have no idea who is accessing what on their wireless network, and they’d be shocked to find out just how many people are leeching their bandwidth away. […]

Security Warning: Your Computer Systems May Be at Risk for Exploitation Due to the Dangerous “Bash” Vulnerability!

A major high severity vulnerability, CVE-2014-6271, has been spreading quickly and impacting a wide range of businesses! The vulnerability, also known as “bash,” involves a UNIX type command shell that’s included in most distributions of Apple OS X and Linux. So how does the vulnerability work? An attacker is able to exploit the vulnerability, then […]

Apple Pulls Buggy Update – Wants Everyone To Roll Back

Yesterday, Apple did a complete 180 on their recent update to the iPhone and iPad Operating System. Just after a week of launching their iOS 8 update as part of their iPhone 6 release, Apple pulls the plug on 8.0.1 and promises 8.0.2 in the next few days. What do you do in the mean […]

Do You Have a Facebook Friend Who Clogs Up Your Newsfeed With Annoying Stuff?

We all have that one person on our friends-list. You know who I’m talking about – that person who posts everything including the kitchen sink to their Facebook page. Pictures of what they have for dinner and check-ins at the corner store. But they ARE your friend, and you don’t want to hurt their feelings. […]